New Parents Sidelined as Corporations Increase Abortion Benefits

"Ireland and parents" by Shane Adams

Ever since abortion policy control was returned to the states by the Supreme Court’s overturning of the trademark Roe v. Wade decision, a number of corporations have pledged to pay for their employees’ abortion-related travels.

Some even offered to relocate employees to states with more favorable abortion laws. Though as we all know, large corporations love money; so this is all at the expense of those who were awaiting benefits for getting their first child.

“Mother to Be” by Sean McGrath

Roe v. Wade overturn drives divide in American workforce

A number of these corporations have forgotten there’s still a large portion of the American populace that wishes to prolong the human race. This stance on abortions is a clear indicator they’re biased against these “breeders.”

Jordan Boyd from The Federalist claims large corporations are using the guise of “expanding healthcare” to not have to deal with pregnant employees and the maternity leave that comes along with them.

In the end, it’s all about money. The brainwashed libs will eat it all up as long as it sounds “woke” enough to fit their narrative, even if it exposes how corporations practically measure a woman’s worth by the state of their wombs.

It’s not like the left ever cared about decent, hardworking American women anyway. They’ve gone above and beyond to erase the female identity with their inclusivity and trans rights stomping on the opportunities of young women all across this once-wonderful nation.

Sexist policies

The majority of companies going out of their way to add or increase abortion benefits are also cutting maternity/paternity leave entirely; although reports have shown this has been going on for well over four years.

In fact, a large number of employers already reduced paid leave for new parents to the legally required minimums way before the 2020 pandemic kicked off. Given how 39 states don’t require paid leave for new parents, these corporations are stretching their employees as thin as possible.

One such story comes from Devon Richey, a Hulu employee whose paid parental week was cut from 20 weeks to just eight weeks, now that the Disney subsidiary is dead-set on increasing its abortion travel benefits.

These moves signal large corporations are willing to prioritize abortion over the hardworking Americans that are ready to take time out of progressing their careers to bring new life into this world.

What’s more, these new policies are blatantly sexist. A woman can opt for either parental leave or abortion care; whereas a man can only receive parental leave IF his wife chooses to have the baby, with even fewer benefits than before, might I add.

Sadly, none of this comes as a surprise. The wave of “woke” has taken large and small businesses by storm, save for a few outliers that choose not to feed into any of this nonsense.