New Potential Spy Device Over Canada’s Airfield Downed By the United States

Concerns about the Chinese spying on the United States, along with other nations, has rapidly emerged this year.

Earlier this month, our government shot down one Chinese spy balloon hovering over our country’s airspace, along with another similar device.

Around the same period, the chief of NATO warned that China is increasing its efforts to not just spy on the United States, but also on other nations around the world.

In the wake of our government’s refusal to let China’s spy balloon hover over us and collect even more intel, the Chinese regime is lashing out. China claims the United States overreacted and breached international law.

As the regime made clear that it’ll figure out what to do next, the United States has gotten rid of yet another potential spy device, with this one seen above Canada, as reported by Reuters.

A Closer Look at the Device Seen Over Canada

Just yesterday, a questionable device with a cylinder shape was seen flying above the  Canadian airfield. It was later downed by an F-22 combatant jet from the United States, with the approval and blessing of Canada.

Following the removal of this device, Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, released a statement. In this statement, Trudeau explained that the aforementioned device was a breach of his country’s airspace.

He also confirmed to have spoken with Joe Biden about the incident. Additional remarks from Trudeau note that Canadian officials and forces are now going to be looking into what remains of the downed device.

This is meant to help their country potentially learn more about what the device was, its purpose, and any intel it may have been sent to gather.

This latest incident’s timing has captured international attention, with many western nations on edge and pointing the finger at China.

International Tensions Escalate

Tensions between China and the West have existed for quite some time. However, the emergence of various devices over US and Canadian airspace has only made matters worse.

Americans believe this may be only the beginning of what China has planned. Given what’s transpired over the course of this month alone, it remains to be seen if more cylinder-shaped devices are going to be caught flying over North America anytime soon.

China, for its part, has not delivered what most Americans consider to be an honest account. Regarding the first spy balloon that our nation downed, China claimed it was nothing more than a weather device.

Most US officials and citizens believe otherwise.

Are you surprised to learn that a potential spy device, similar to the one seen above US airspace, has now been witnessed flying over Canada? You’re welcome to let us know your thoughts down below in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.