New Problems Emerge For George Santos

Last year, New York Rep. George Santos won election in his district to serve in the House of Representatives. Santos’ victory came after campaigning on claims of having an illustrious educational background, Jewish ancestry, an impressive work resume, and more.

However, the house of cards all began to fall when it was revealed that his claims were lies. Santos is not Jewish; he didn’t attend fancy universities or work at elite institutions as he claimed.

Santos has rightfully taken heat for this. Furthermore, he remains under investigation in Brazil for alleged theft. At the rate things are going, many Americans have stated Santos ought to resign from office, due to his campaigning on lies.

Now, yet another scandal is facing Santos, this time dealing with funds he received from donors, per DNYUZ.

It’s Not Looking Good For Santos

RedStone Strategies is a group that donated $800,000 to Santos’ campaign, while also working on more funding to help Santos’ campaign for office.

The problem lies in a lack of clarity on where this money from RedStone Strategies actually went. Santos and his legal counsel aren’t being forthcoming about this matter at all.

However, what has been made clear is that Santos, as recently as November 2021, had a Redstone Strategies LLC listed as a managing officer of one of his own companies.

Oddly enough, the Federal Election Commission is presently unable to account for Redstone Strategies. This, in and of itself, looks to be illegal, seeing as PACs are legally obligated to register with the FEC and be transparent about their donors.

Various other expenditures tied to Santos’ campaign for the House have also come under question. At this time, it remains to be seen what further reviews or investigations dig up.

Accountability Coming?

So far, Santos has not faced any real consequences for the massive number of lies he told in order to get a seat in the House of Representatives. However, if it is proven that Santos broke campaign finance laws, then he could see some serious accountability.

At this rate, Santos has likely damaged his political future beyond repair. While already facing calls to resign from office, it’s highly unlikely that Santos will be able to “win” public office again.

Many Americans now associate the New York congressman with lies and possible criminal action. The months ahead are ultimately going to reveal how much trouble Santos is really in and what all he did behind the scenes to get himself elected.

Do you believe George Santos broke campaign finance laws? What do you think about the latest investigations into money he spent to get elected? You can let us know your feedback and thoughts about this in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.