New Shutdowns Trigger Surge in Unemployment Claims

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For a little over a week now, Americans have been told that “cases” of COVID-19 are surging. More often than not, the reports about new “cases” leave out other important details such as recovery rates and the high survivability rates of coronavirus.

In response to allegedly rising cases, leaders across the nation are all too eager to implement new shutdowns. The new shutdowns and restrictions on businesses arrive as so many Americans are already struggling and out of work; states like Michigan, which went into another lockdown yesterday, are also admitting that they can’t do much to help jobless individuals.

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Economic harm has consequences and Americans are, yet again, getting a firsthand look at that. According to Newsmax, unemployment claims actually increased last week, marking a disturbing new trend in a previous pattern of consistent decreases.

The Ins and Outs of the Latest Unemployment Claims

Last week’s unemployment claims reached 742,000; this marks a notable jump from 711,000 the week before, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Additional information shows that the 742,000 new claims mark a significant increase from the previously projected claim number of 707,000.

Prior to the emergence of new shutdowns, economists already projected that more Americans would lose their jobs and savings accounts. However, the rise of new lockdowns will only compound and surge the accuracy of economists’ predictions.

Leaders claim that putting restrictions on businesses is an acceptable measure to halt the spread; however, a growing amount of Americans believe otherwise. Dr. Scott Atlas, a medical adviser to President Trump, is actually urging the nation not to accept or abide by these lockdowns any longer.

Like other medical professionals, Atlas has warned about the dangerous consequences of lockdowns; the latest jump in unemployment claims barely even scratches the surface.

The Shutdown Loop

So long as shutdowns are implemented and complied with, Americans will continue to suffer, as will their businesses and livelihoods.

Leaders who have chosen to lock down again are very outspoken about the impacts of COVID-19 (despite its survivability rate of 94.6% to 99.997%); however, there is much less public talk about the adverse consequences of shutdowns.

Critics of lockdowns have noted that the folks implementing these orders often fail to abide by them. Not a single governor who has ordered a statewide lockdown has lost their paychecks because of it; sadly, the same cannot be said for more than tens of millions of people across the nation.

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