New Threat From Putin

Putin suggested Moscow may embrace a U.S. notion of preemptive military attacks, stressing it can do so amid escalating Russia-NATO animosity over Ukraine.

“We’re considering it,” Putin claimed about U.S. policies while attending a conference of a Moscow-dominated ex-Soviet economic bloc in Kyrgyzstan.

Missile Strikes

The Kremlin has been concerned about U.S. attempts to deploy Conventional Prompt Global Strike. This would allow precision-guided ballistic missiles to attack strategic targets anywhere on the planet within an hour.

Putin added, with a wan smile, that a disarming strike was designed to take off command systems.

Russia authorized hypersonic missiles capable of such an attack, but the U.S. hasn’t. He said Russia’s cruise missiles outperform U.S. ones.

Putin appeared to be referring to traditional precision-guided missiles when he mentioned copying the U.S. policy, but he highlighted the U.S. hadn’t excluded the initial use of nuclear bombs.

Per a U.S. source who spoke on requested anonymity, Biden’s aides interpreted Putin’s statements as “saber-rattling” and a veiled threat that he may use a tactical nuclear bomb.

Bangkok, Thailand – Feb, 27, 2022 : banners and Ukrainian flags, protested Russias intervention in Ukraine in front of the Russian embassy in Bangkok, Thailand

Moscow maintains the right to first deploy a nuclear bomb in reaction to large-scale military action, the official said.

John Erath, lead director of policy for the Center for Arms Control & Non-Proliferation, too, saw Putin’s comments as a nuclear threat-raising attempt.

Putin was asked at a press conference if they were not ready first to strike. He said such a commitment could hinder them from using their nuclear arms, even if it was attacked.

Ready To Launch

He explained Friday, saying Russia’s nuclear strategy is predicated on “launch on warning,” which involves using nuclear weapons in the event of an impending nuclear strike seen by early warning systems.

β€œWhen the initial warning radar detects a missile assault, we unleash hundreds of missiles,” he smiled. β€œEnemy rocket warheads could reach Russia. No adversary would survive since it’s impractical to stop a slew of missiles and that’s a deterrent.”

Russia can deploy nuclear warheads if attacked with nuclear or conventional bombs that threaten “its very life.”

Since deploying Russian soldiers into Ukraine in February, Putin warned Moscow will use “all possible means” to safeguard its territory and rebuffed western charges of nuclear saber-rattling.

β€œI realize that since nuclear armaments, weapons of mass destruction, arrived, everyone has been scared about the world and us,” he stated.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called Putin’s threats reckless Friday at U.S. Strategic Command.

β€œAs the Kremlin maintains its brutal and unjustified war of aggression against Ukraine, Putin has engaged in highly reckless nuclear saber-rattling,” he stated, without referencing Putin’s new words.

β€œNuclear states must avoid provocative conduct, reduce the risk of proliferation, and prevent aggravation and nuclear war.”

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.