New York Gov. Hochul Walks Back Refusal to Debate GOP Opponent

Across the nation, America is getting a firsthand look at Democrats doing their utmost to steer clear of political debates. This is very strange, especially for people who want to be elected into public office.

Nevertheless, in Arizona, Democratic gubernatorial contender Katie Hobbs maintains her unwillingness to debate GOP gubernatorial contender Kari Lake.

In Pennsylvania, Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman originally declined to debate GOP Senate candidate Mehmet Oz. Later, Fetterman agreed to a debate, but only after the voting period begins.

Now, in New York, Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul seems to be taking a page from Fetterman’s book as she looks to defend her position against Republican challenger Lee Zeldin, per Breitbart News.

Not the Best Look For Hochul

Hochul has only agreed to engage in one debate against Lee. This debate also comes very shortly ahead of early voting for New York’s gubernatorial election.

However, Zeldin warns that it’s not good enough for Hochul to try to squeeze by with just one and done. Generally, in these sorts of political races, it’s extremely common for candidates to have multiple debates with one another, well before early voting.

According to the New York Republican, Hochul is showing her disdain for New Yorkers and avoiding transparency. Zeldin made it clear that debates should already be starting now, rather than weeks away at the end of October.

Setting a New Standard

The growing trend of Democrats throughout the country now trying to steer clear of debates is very concerning. It shows these candidates either aren’t capable of defending their policies against their opponents or don’t believe they should have to.

Quite frankly, it boggles the mind that political operatives working for these candidates haven’t been able to convince them of the merits of multiple debates ahead of the election season.

Republicans across the country have largely made it clear that they’re willing and able to debate their rivals. Unfortunately, with multiple Democrats now doing all they can to avoid debating, this could possibly be a new trend on the left.

Hobbs in Arizona is already claiming that Lake is too extreme and citing this as her reason for not debating. Some now say if Hobbs truly believes Lake’s views are so worrisome and radical, then facing her on the debate stage would be the best course of action.

The Arizona Democrat has even been challenged and questioned during her various campaign events about the refusal to debate Lake. Meanwhile, Lake’s been clear that she’s open to debating and answering questions anytime.

What do you think about Democrats across the nation who are dodging debates against their political opponents? Please use the comments area down below to weigh in with your thoughts.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.