New York Times Calls to Penalize Conservative Media

"new york times" (CC BY 2.0) by samchills

Conservative media, in various forms from news to social networking platforms, has been on the rise for the past several years. For the better part of a half-decade now, the mainstream media hasn’t even pretended to carry themselves as objective or non-biased.

Platforms like CNN, MSNBC, and other ilk are essentially the helpmates of the Democrat Party. Conservatives are frequently demonized and taken out of context on these platforms; furthermore, liberal news correspondents make a habit of opining, rather than factually reporting updates and current events.

“The New York Times” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Thomas Hawk

Last month’s insurrection at Capitol Hill is being milked by the left for all that it’s worth. Democrats in Congress used it to ram through an impeachment trial. Now Breitbart News confirms that the New York Times is openly advocating for conservative media to be punished and eventually censored out of existence.

NYT vs. Conservative Media

Earlier in the week, the New York Times printed an opinion column that literally calls for Fox News to be “put on trial” along with the former president. Nicholas Kristof, the writer of the op-ed, asserts that Fox News also bears liability for the January 6 riots. According to Kristof, Fox News is responsible for peddling “lethal” misinformation and so-called conspiracy theories.

The writer for the Times also expressed his disappointment that Fox News hosts like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson cannot suffer impeachment in Congress. Throughout his piece, Kristof spends time trashing Fox News and asserting that the network is tied to “riskier behavior” and more coronavirus deaths.

Censoring and Criminalizing Dissent

Kristof is understandably facing a severe amount of backlash for his article in the New York Times. The assertion that Fox News and other conservative media outlets ought to be put on trial is being condemned as extremism and at odds with the U.S. Constitution.

Despite the backlash, however, Kristof’s thoughts are largely shared and endorsed by American leftists. The Capitol Hill riots continue to be used to move the goalposts and assert that anyone who is conservative or who voted for Donald Trump bears some responsibility for last month’s insurrection.

Putting Americans and news outlets on trial for dissent against liberal dogma and ideologies is bound to end in disaster.

What do you think about the New York Times article calling for conservatives and right-wing media to be put on trial? Is this ethical, constitutional, or in the nation’s best interests? Let us know in the comments section below.