Nike Leaving Seattle For Good, Due To Violence

How dire have crime, homelessness, and Seattle’s general apocalyptic vibe grown recently?

Nike, after 26 years in business, decided to indefinitely shut its flagship shop in the city on Friday, due to poor circumstances. Meanwhile, Regal Cinemas said it would not extend its lease on the Meridian 16 multiplex.

Neither firm has issued a formal statement explaining their decision to leave, but the reasons are clear to anybody living in the area. Over the past few years, Seattle has grown intolerable for human habitation.

With so many murderers, illegal immigrants, and homeless people dying, the city has become unrecognizable.

Homelessness, Crime, and Deaths

As violence increases and the rate of homeless deaths skyrockets, downtown Seattle has lost its Nike storefront and a multiplex theater.

The iconic Nike store on the junction of Sixth Avenue and Pike Street in the Rain City’s downtown district closed for good on Friday.

Nike’s departure followed an announcement by Regal Cinemas that it would not be renewing a lease at the Meridian 16 multiplex on Seventh Avenue & Pike Street.

If you’re wondering why so many theaters have closed recently, part of the issue is that Regal Cinemas’ parent company recently filed for bankruptcy. Yet, the circumstances in modern-day Seattle undoubtedly made it a simple decision.

When more people live on the streets, everyone is at a higher risk.

The death rate among the homeless is shockingly high. While starvation and drug overdoses are contributing factors, those aren’t the only causes of death. There were 310 homeless deaths in 2022, including 18 homicides and 160 possible fentanyl overdoses.

Authorities have said the 310 death toll is very definitely an underestimate. However, the medical examiner’s office only looks into “sudden, unexpected fatalities,” the source of the statistic. The actual number of fatalities is likely more than 400.

Not Conducive For Businesses

According to the linked source, the defunct Regal Cinema may be found in what was originally the CHOP zone.

In response to the lawlessness in the area, several businesses closed down and their windows were boarded up; however, some subsequently reopened when the obstacles were removed.

Though that didn’t stop the criminal activity. Attacks on police and firefighters who react to calls for help are all too common.

This is not a make-believe scenario. At least in terms of being the bustling metropolis it once was, Seattle may be “done.”

Ultimately, it’s the people who make up a city, not the buildings or the roads. Company owners aren’t the only ones leaving. Seattle’s tax income drops when the city’s labor force shrinks. As a result, fewer resources are available to combat an expanding list of issues.

The city of Seattle may be on a fatal downward spiral. So far, its citizens have elected no leaders who are ready to take a hard stance against crime. Unfortunately, this is a sad reality.

In the past, life in this Seattle suburb was idyllic. It’s tragic to see how it’s declined over time.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.