No Surprise Here, Black Lives Matter Stands with Hamas

"Shopping is (Worse Than) Looting" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Thomas Hawk
Solidarity with the terrorists! BLM just can’t stoop any lower now that they have aligned
themselves with Palestine and Hamas. Apparently, the bombing of innocent civilians in
Israel is not an issue for the racist movement, as the Daily Wire reports.
“Palestine flag” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by theglobalpanorama
Black Lives Matter has affirmed that they “[stand]” in solidarity with Palestinians.” The group then declared their support of ending “settler colonialism” before vowing their support for the so-called “Palestinian liberation.”  
This statement from Black Lives Matter comes as the political left adopts increasingly anti-Israel ideologies. 

 A Closer Look at BLM’s Thoughts on Palestinian

Here is one argument made by a BLM supporter on Twitter:


Progressive representative Cori Bush seems to follow that radical sentiment.
Rep. Bush declared that the campaign for “black lives” and “Palestinian liberation” remains connected to one another. After stating that BLM opposes funding for “militarized policing” and systems that engender “trauma” and oppression, Bush stated that Black Lives Matter is “anti-occupation,” “anti-war,” and “anti-apartheid.” 
BLM of Paterson, New Jersey issued a statement directly supporting Hammas:

Black Lives Matter Paterson declared that Israel is responsible for “ongoing violence” against Palestinians. After making this claim, BLM stated that Black Lives Matter relates to Palestinians as both groups are supposedly struggling against a “repressive state apparatus.” 

The rest of the statement from Black Lives Matter Paterson paints Israel as this toxic and evil force against Palestine. Sadly, this mindset does not come as a shock. Democrats have made no bones about their anti-Israel views; furthermore, the left continues to go after anyone who dares to show support for Israel or the Israeli people. 
This is yet another issue that divides the left and the right. In recent days, Republicans have criticized Democrats for staunch anti-Israel positions and the altogether demonization of Israel.

The Atlantic on Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter has quite an extensive record of backing Palenstine, as it turns out. The Atlantic detailed how the BLM movement has always supported Palestine since its
consumption in the 2010s.

BLM activists, back in the 2010s stated that a “deep internal discussion” on relations between Israel and Palestine was necessary. Needless to say, Black Lives Matter has very clearly taken on anti-Israel and pro-Palestine position. This comes as no shock, seeing as Black Lives Matter frequently employs terrorist-like behaviors (setting fires, attacking innocents, burning down buildings, etc.) to get their way.
What do you think about Black Lives Matter’s statements about Palestine and consistently firm opposition against Israel and Israel people? Do you have any concerns about the anti-Israel stance being taken by the political left? Let us know your thoughts about all of this down in the comments section below.