“Non-Partisan” Group Calls to End Electoral College

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Whenever things are not going in the manner which suits the left-wing, they either attempt to shift the narrative or change the rules. This pattern has played out in American politics time and time again; however, one of the most relevant examples of this includes the Electoral College.

During the 2016 presidential election, Democrats were astounded when Donald Trump epically and thoroughly beat Hillary Clinton. Trump’s victory caused the Democrat Party to lose its mind and embrace radical, far-left policies for the sake of being as polar opposite to the president as possible. Moreover, Democrats have expressed an interest in doing away with the Electoral College.

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Per reports from The Daily Caller News Foundation, Rock The Vote, a non-profit group that also promotes themselves as “non-partisan,” recently came out in favor of ending the Electoral College.

What’s interesting about all this is that the Electoral College was never a problem for Democrats until it ceased to work in their favor.

Reviewing the Latest Call to Scrap the Electoral College

Despite Rock The Vote’s self-identification as a non-partisan group, they’ve joined a partisan cause and aligned themselves with deeply partisan and leftist organizations. In calling to “Fix the broken Electoral College with [the] National Popular Vote,” Rock The Vote joins liberal groups Progress America, RootsAction, and others.

In the following petition, Rock The Vote alleges that the Electoral College forces presidential candidates to “ignore the vast majority of voters nationwide.” Of course, this is inaccurate; the Electoral College is what gives voters a voice and ensures that California doesn’t determine the outcome of each presidential election. However, Rock The Vote has a narrative to push and they’re not going to let the truth stand in their way.

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An excerpt of the non-profit’s words on the Electoral College reads as follows:

“In two of the past five presidential elections, the candidate who won the popular vote lost the election. In every presidential race, candidates are forced to focus their attention on only a handful of swing states — ignoring the vast majority of voters nationwide. We can reform the Electoral College and make presidential elections more inclusive and competitive — with the National Popular Vote Compact.”

The Truth About Moves to End the Electoral College

Petitioning to end the Electoral College is an inherently partisan and politically-motivated move; anyone who claims otherwise is simply not being honest.

The reality is this: if Hillary Clinton had lost the popular vote and won the presidency via the Electoral College, no Democrats or left-wing groups would be complaining about the Electoral College. The left is only kicking and screaming because the rules didn’t work to their advantage in 2016.

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2017-05-24_19-46-33_ILCE-6500_DSC01634” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Miguel Discart (Photos Vrac)

Leftist organizations don’t truly care about the votes of the people unless those votes benefit them; they also don’t care about ensuring that presidential elections are “inclusive.” Democrats care about power and getting as much of it as possible by any means necessary. As proven countless times over, the left is more than willing to change the rules of the game if they believe it will suit them politically.

One of the greatest tragedies of all is Democrats’ hubris in believing that their true motivations aren’t blatantly transparent.

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