Nonprofit Group Hands Out Report Cards to Congressmembers

The Moms for America Action committee published its first-ever congressional ratings “Report Card” that assigns marks to each of the 535 congressional representatives on significant issues that affect moms in America.

Moms for America Doesn’t Hold Back

As stated in a news release issued on September 9 by Moms for America, the Moms for America Action Report Card looked at 20 votes made by the 116th Congress.

It ranked senators using ten crucial votes on a range of issues, including mask regulations, critical race theory, the Second Amendment, and more.

As per Kimberly Fletcher, founder and CEO of a company that connects a community of over 500,000 women throughout America, the economy is at the root of the worries American mothers have.

Since parents are always having to choose between a gallon of gas and a gallon of milk, she described it as a significant issue.

As per Fletcher, other significant challenges include comprehensive sexuality education, critical race theory, transgender philosophies, and gender ambiguity.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who scored an A on her group card, agreed with Fletcher. Greene told NTD, “violence is out of hand, the border is open, and homes are being battered.”

The Economy is Cause For Concern

Fletcher stated mothers need to guide their children for extreme agendas in regard to the transgender issue. These are not partisan concerns in Fletcher’s view.

Therefore, you are affected if you are a parent who struggles to keep food on the table or petrol in the car. Because parenting does that, she asserted, “regardless of what political inclination you are; this is transcending all barriers.”

She declared, “They’re going to come out and fight for such parental rights.”

They’re beginning to speak out when it concerns the economy and point out that what is happening with gasoline prices is not acceptable. Greene responded by stating her town’s Democratic constituents share their angst about these matters.

Their businesses have suffered the same losses as Republican business owners, due to supply chain issues. They dislike uncontrolled inflation as well.

At the grocery shop, everyone pays the same costs. She said you can’t just present a specific voting card to receive a discount. The legislator believed the current circumstances might influence Democratic voters who were impacted.

The next vote, according to Greene, should bring about a change since no one is protected from these extreme ideas that are truly America-last and ruining our nation.

Fletcher encouraged people to review the rating report cards before casting their ballots in the run-up to the midterm elections.

“You may learn more about these candidates, their voting records, and their positions on the issues that are crucial to you by visiting our mom vote platform,” according to Fletcher.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.