Norfolk Southern Takes Responsibility for Toxic Waste Cleanup

On Monday, federal environmental authorities confirmed the transportation of hazardous chemical waste from the East Palestine derailment site will be shipped to two authorized facilities in Ohio.

Debra Shore, the administrator of Region 5 at the Environmental Protection Agency, stated the approved facilities are capable of receiving some of the waste and, thus, the shipment will restart on Monday.

Contaminated waste from East Palestine derailment site transported

On Sunday, Shore announced that certain EPA-certified facilities had been designated as suitable to receive a portion of the contaminated waste.

Following the order from the EPA to halt the transport of waste from the East Palestine derailment site on February 3, Norfolk Southern was instructed to pause the shipment.

This is happening temporarily to permit additional oversight regarding the destinations of the waste. The announcement was made a day before the EPA identified the authorized facilities.

Debra Shore stated the authorization of the facilities is excellent news for the East Palestine residents and neighboring communities, as it signifies a rapid continuation of the cleanup process.

However, some of the contaminated solid waste and liquid had already been sent to waste locations in Texas and Michigan.

Debra Shore further mentioned a portion of the contaminated liquid waste would be transported to a Vickery, Ohio-based facility and disposed of at a below-the-subsurface injection well.

Biden orders federal agencies to assess the impact

On Saturday night, the office of the Ohio governor announced that 20 truckloads, equating to approximately 280 tons, of dangerous solid waste from the derailment site had been transported.

It was transported to a Michigan-based hazardous waste facility and dumping facility.

Shore noted any of the hazardous waste material which was initially sent to other waste sites in other states, but later returned to East Palestine, would be now transferred to the two authorized waste sites in Ohio.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities when 38 Norfolk Southern train cars derailed the explosive and chaotic scene in the town.

However, as concerns grew about the possibility of an explosion, due to dangerous chemicals in the rail cars, officials decided to evacuate the surrounding area.

According to the state, the drinking water treatment in the affected area is safe, and bottled water is being supplied to those with private wells. However, many residents continue to express mistrust and concern over potential long-term impacts on their health and community.

Biden has issued an order directing federal agencies to send teams to visit homes in East Palestine, Ohio to check on families affected by the toxic train derailment.

The order, issued on Friday, directs teams from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, EPA, and Federal Emergency Management Agency to go door-to-door and assess the situation.

Meanwhile, Biden struggled to provide an explanation to reporters on why he had not yet visited East Palestine, Ohio, three weeks after the toxic train derailment.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.