North Korean Escapee Warns of “Woke” Brainwashing

A defector who escaped North Korea spoke out on Monday by giving a stern warning about “woke” ideologies being taught in American schools.

This person said if current trends continue, the U.S. “definitely” will follow in the footsteps of her own country’s rogue dictatorship.

Park Warns America

Author Yeonmi Park appeared on Fox & Friends First to talk about the similarities and differences between North Korea’s indoctrination and the extreme-left propaganda she experienced during her Ivy League schooling at Columbia University.

Park informed Todd Piro that the content she was being taught at Columbia University truly astonished her. It was identical to what her North Korean educators were influencing her with at her school.

The exact claim being made at Columbia University was that all of America’s issues are caused by capitalism and white men and the one way to solve them is by a communist revolution in the pursuit of equality.

The same mentality turned her nation into North Korea, she added. They were screaming that Koreans needed to demolish the nation and recreate it to achieve the goal of equality.

Park was only 13 years old in 2007 when she escaped the corrupt political system in the quest for liberation.

Though her voyage to the United States was far from simple; after entering China, she and her mom were trafficked and forced to be slaves.

She finally managed to flee to South Korea and Mongolia while looking for asylum in the US, which she was able to get in 2014.

Park, who began attending Columbia in 2016, observed her Ivy League-privileged peers had a distorted understanding of “oppression,” along with the true effects of a capitalist society and freedom of thought on society in general.

Even now, she says she finds it really amusing that not having something wrong is an issue.

She said they essentially invent an issue and an inequity from nowhere. The worst tyranny they experience is society is unable to keep up with their “ever-expanding non-grammatical pronouns”.

She reports they’ll go on to say absolutely nothing on this planet is free, including housing, medical services, education, and household expenses.

She always asks what they dislike about their own country. They also claimed they despise America due to its inequality. She claims even people in North Korea do not complain about inequality.

Hypocritical Woke Won’t Address Slavery

Additionally, Park criticized politicians and corporate titans like Nancy Pelosi and Jeff Bezos for constantly bringing up American slavery that occurred several centuries ago, yet failing to condemn communist China for forcing people into slavery.

They just want wealth, so they are unwilling to take a stand against the Communist Party of China, she claimed. They desire financial gain from this wicked administration.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.