Now that Trump’s Gone – Democrats Will Exploit the Unvaccinated in the Midterms

Liberals and their mainstream media friends have started an ugly campaign to demonize the unvaccinated; that’s because President Trump is not on the voting ballot and the 2022 elections are just around the corner.

Does the CDC Actually Expect Us to Believe them?

This anti-science effort to brand upwards of half of the American population as wandering superspreaders (those who have decided not to get immunized or who are unable to due to their age) is among the most sickening sights in modern politics.

The unvaccinated are nearly totally a hazard solely to themselves, as per the far-left CDC’s own calculations. Here are all the figures, It needs to be emphasized that they are from the CDC.

When you are unvaccinated but under the year of 70, you have a 99 percent probability of surviving the coronavirus. When you are unvaccinated under the age of 50, you have a 99.9% chance of survival, putting you in flu terrain. Should you be unvaccinated under the age of 20, you have a 99.997% probability of surviving the virus, putting you in the same bracket of the common flu.

The Campaign Against Inhumanity

We are watching a terror and demonization operation unlike any seen since the dark years of McCarthyism, drawing on statistics like those, numbers directly from CDC. What, exactly, is the concern?

The answer is self-evident: the 2022 midterm elections. Former President Trump was indeed the Democrat Party’s big voter participation engine for five years, and the organization is in urgent need of a boogyman to bring out supporters.


Liberals, on the other hand, have little to provide voters, except for fear, hatred, and excuses. Liberals are proven totally incapable of administering, of providing even the most essential services that strongly affect the standard of living. These fall under the control of the murderous and totalitarian radicals in Black Lives Matter and Antifa in one blue state after the other.

Numerous Democrat-run communities are becoming dangerous as a result of the weakening of their own law enforcement officers, a crazed reluctance to punish offenders, and the reframing of looting, arson, and chaos as mainly nonviolent protests.

On such a national scale, Joe Biden ridiculed unvaccinated Americans while allowing thousands upon thousands of undocumented immigrants with an unclear health history to invade the country.

Furthermore, Biden slammed the impoverished with a whiplash-inducing increase in energy costs and irrational expenditure measures that have resulted in historic inflation, a cruel tax on the impoverished, almost right after getting office.

However, after Texas, Florida, and even South Dakota established that these precautions were unneeded, Democrat state after Democrat state uses the coronavirus statistics to rationalize closing small companies, shutting down the healthy, enacting school closures, and placing those in good health in masks.

However, dark blue California was unable to provide power to its residents; meanwhile, Democrat-run woodlands continued to burn the place down, due to poor management put into effect to accommodate the environmentalists.