NY Lib Mayor Admits Cashless Bail is a Horror Show

The mayor of New York City, Democrat Eric Adams, blasted the country’s judicial process on Saturday, condemning catch-and-release procedures that lead to large numbers of violent criminals being given their freedom, frequently within hours of their offenses.

NY Mayor Speaks Out

On November 29 in New York City, a man produced a bat that he’d kept hidden in his pants, snuck up on a homeless man, and proceeded to assault the man by delivering a blow to the head.

It incident was captured by CCTV cameras. Warning: the video below contains scenes of a graphic nature.

The perpetrator, Karim Azizi, got detained on Wednesday, but swiftly released after a court set bond at $7,500 against prosecutors’ plea of $40,000.

Mayor Adams made an appearance on CNN on Saturday to criticize the judgment. He stated as law keepers, they are becoming frustrated with the current system in place which seems to just let criminals go after being arrested.

He went on to question when legislation would be put in place to protect the defenseless and innocent members of society. They are currently victims of rampant crime and an unfair legal system. He called for an end to protecting the guilty while the innocent suffer.

Adams Criticizes Democratic Legislation

While we agree with Mayor Adams, his statements come as a surprise, considering it was his own party members to create this problem by implementing legislation that took a soft-on-crime approach.

Specifically, this involves George Soros-supported prosecutors like Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg, LA’s George Gascón, and the fired Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner.

Jason Goldman, Azizi’s lawyer, made a pathetic statement in defense of the criminal.

He stated it was his opinion that the mayor’s “blanket approach” to bail is the reason for the Rikers Island Jail being so overcrowded. He went on to say his client is a first-time offender and should be taken easy on.

The assault on the homeless man was not the only shocking example of this failing system. On Friday evening, after a fight with three individuals, a man proceeded to threaten people inside a McDonald’s franchise with an axe.

After scaring patrons and employees, he then turned on the property, destroying several items.

Warning: the video below contains scenes of a graphic nature.

The axe man was released promptly, without bail, regardless of the fact he was charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief and possession of a deadly weapon. According to the state’s criminal justice reforms, both of these charges render the perpetrator not eligible for bail.

In numerous cases, it would appear that prosecutors currently feel the district attorney’s job is to simply allow criminals and suspects to be released as soon as possible. It’s clear they have forgotten their primary concern should be the safety of the public.

This will only worsen until more leaders come to the same realization as Mayor Adams.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.