NYC Mayor Blames Media for Rising Crimes in His City

New York City Mayor Eric Adams blamed the media for creating a perception that crime is increasing in the city, even though the situation is under the control of the government.

Adams is blaming the media for creating a negative perception at a time when data suggests NYC is grappling with an unprecedented wave of crimes.

NYC Mayor Downplays Crime in his City

While giving an interview with CNN host Chris Wallace, Adams claimed the media is creating a narrative among the general public that New York City is suffering from crime.

These comments of Mayor Adams came at a time when New York City is badly struggling with violent crimes. From January to August 2022, violent crimes increased by 39% in New York City, compared to the same time period in 2019.

According to Adams, almost 3.5 million riders travel in the New York subway daily, but the region is only recording six crimes a day on average. 

However, Adams continued, the newspapers pick the worst crimes and write the story on their front page to build a narrative.

Meanwhile, criminal justice experts and New Yorkers were shocked after listening to Adams’ comments. A professor of law and police studies, Dorothy Schulz, asserted Adams is not well aware of the law and order situation of his own city.

Schulz further added Adams is so busy dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants in NYC that he believes he will make people safe by telling them fabricated stories. 

Similarly, Schulz, who has also served in NYC police, mentioned the dynamics of crime are changing in NYC. As per Schulz, nowadays, people are more frightened of criminals, which was not the case in the past.

Interviewer Forced Adams to Accept Rising Crime Problem in NYC

However, Adams tried to backtrack from his comments when Wallace pushed back. Wallace asked the mayor if the NYC crime problem is all about perception. On this, Adams replied the crime problem is a combination of both perception and reality.

Furthermore, Wallace mentioned crime statistics in front of Adams, establishing crimes in NYC subways have increased by 41% this year, compared to the last year, while felonies are also rising.

The assertive stance of Wallace forced Adams to acknowledge NYC was facing an overwhelming surge in crimes. Adams accepted crimes are happening in NYC, adding the government is trying to solve the issue.

One healthcare worker, Straphanger Sabryna Davis, who regularly rides the NYC subway while going to her job, claimed Adams was not considering unreported crimes, warning signs, and threats that are prevalent in the Big Apple.

Additionally, one regular subway rider, Leo Pacheco, accused Adams of being tone-deaf and not acknowledging the problems faced by residents of his own city. 

Another subway rider, Sahl Masih, told the New York Post to ask any random subway rider whether the crime problem is only perception or reality.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.