Obama Blames ‘Racist’ Americans for Outrage Over Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Invasion

Former President Barack Obama has come to the aid of his ex-subordinate and current President Joe Biden.

Obama resorted to accusations of racism to try and subdue public opposition and outrage over the illegal immigrant invasion America is forced to suffer on Biden’s watch.

Five Million and Counting

More than five million illegal immigrants are estimated to have invaded the United States in the 20 months since Biden occupied the White House – including some one million gotaways.

The overwhelming majority of the invaders have been allowed to simply waltz in through the southern border; some 2.5 million of them have remained inside the US either as asylum seekers or undetected gotaways.

The number of those set free by the Department of Homeland Security inside the US seems to be growing; the Biden administration has been trying to abolish Title 42, the Trump-era public health policy enabling the easy expulsion of illegals.

Even though the regulation has been kept in force by federal course, there have been reports Biden’s DHS is applying it less and less, releasing more illegals inside the United States.

For the first time ever, in the 2022 fiscal year, which ends on September 30, the United States will have registered more than two million illegal immigrants coming through the border with Mexico.

That is just the number of those apprehended by Border Patrol officers, not counting the gotaways.

The southern border has been erased from the map, for all practical purposes, since Sleepy Joe’s first day in office; he immediately terminated the construction of the border wall started under President Trump.

Obama, who’s reportedly been agitated with the Biden administration being more radical than his own, has now played the racism card. He’s doing this in order to attack public discontent over the completely open border and the unbridled arrival of millions of illegals.

‘Biggest Fuel’ for the Republican Agenda

Obama spoke at a meeting with Latino and Hispanic realtors. This took place in San Diego, California earlier this week, Breitbart News reported.

In his racism comments, Obama clearly ignored the fact that Americans of all races – including Hispanic Americans – are increasingly worried and even outraged by total lawlessness of the rapidly exploding border crisis.

Obama argued “the biggest fuel” powering the agenda of the Republican Party at present comes from “the fear” of immigration.

He argued GOP voters are scared “America’s character” will be “changed” through the arrival of “individuals of darker shades.”

The former president apparently tried to appeal to his audience by saying it contained “too many of them” – seemingly referring to the Hispanic realtors. Next, Obama went ahead and blamed Republicans for not being “subtle” about their “right-wing agenda.”

Blasting the “dangerous rhetoric” of the GOP, as he put it, the former president seemed to suggest being opposed to unrestricted, mass-scale illegal immigration into one’s country is far worse than having a government that seems to unofficially welcome such illegal invasions.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.