Obama Urges Democrats to Simply Ignore Trump Over 2024 Prospects

(Screenshot from Pod Save America video interview)

President Barack Obama recommended to the Democrat Party to stop “obsessing” with Donald Trump regarding the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential vote.

Obama says Democrats must stay focused on “practical” issues of concern for their voters, such as sky-high inflation and gas prices.

Many Democrats Horrified by Trump’s 2024 Prospects

Trump has not formally announced he is going to run for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, but he has been hinting strongly about it.

At the same time, however, Trump is getting tangled in more litigation over his alleged possession of White House classified records, his business empire, and his role in the 1/6 events at the US Capitol.

There are growing concerns among his supporters that he could be prevented from running in 2024 on a technicality or as a result of a court ruling.

Huge swaths of the leftist establishment are more focused than ever on whether Trump plans to run for president once again.

Barack Obama has been featured in the news more prominently lately, even though he has not been campaigning in favor of the Democrat Party as vigorously as many lefties have been hoping.

Obama’s warning that Democrats shouldn’t care about Trump in 2024 comes just as Paul Ryan, the former GOP Speaker of the House of Representatives, predicted Trump is set to lose the race for the 2024 presidential nomination because he is “unelectable.”

Wasting Resources on Trump’s 2024 Prospects

Speaking on a Pod Save America interview on Friday, Obama gave his Trump advice to the Democrats, namely, not to squander their “time, energy, and resources” over whether Trump is going to join the 2024 presidential race.

Obama argued, as cited by The Daily Mail, that the Democrat Party is spending giant “amounts” of its time and resources on “pointing out the latest crazy thing” coming out of Trump’s mouth.

The former Democratic president argued whatever Trump or any other major Republican figure may have said, their words may not be the most “basic interest” of American voters.

Instead, most people, in his view, are interested in coping with the sky-high gas prices, paying the rent, and “dealing with childcare.” Obama warned Trump’s “behavior could be so outrageous” that a lot of Democrats fall into the trap of focusing their attention on it.

He also argued that other emblematic GOP figures could behave the same way as Trump, meaning Democrats tend to obsess over their comments as well, rather than working to resolve issues that are deemed important for their voters.

By the end of October, Obama is going to join the Democrat Party’s midterm campaigns in the states of Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan. He wants to try to give a boost to the leftist candidates for both the Senate and state gubernatorial races.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.