Obamacare is Back to Haunt the Democrats

When Obamacare was passed in March of 2010, then-Vice President Joe Biden swore that it was a “big f—ing deal.”

What it also was is a big payday for insurance companies and those looking to exploit Americans’ healthcare problems for money.

Far from making healthcare a right or getting everyone the attention they needed, Obamacare just gave the government one more thing to get wrong and reduced medical choice for people.

One stopgap tactic that Joe Biden tried to use was to flood Obamacare (“the Affordable Care Act”) with money a year ago so he could cover up its weak points.

This is now about to backfire massively and potentially lose the Democrats the upcoming midterms even worse than they otherwise would have lost them. Here’s why…

Biden’s Obamacare Oopsie

Here’s the problem with Biden flooding Obamacare with money last year: people have gotten used to them and expect them to continue. Though that’s not how real life works, and America is not yet a leftist-run dictatorship.

This means the benefits will have to be voted on, and that’s not looking like a sure thing at all right now. Despite price jumps that are going to hit 13 million Americans, there are Democrats who are not on board with pumping more money into payouts for healthcare.

One of them is West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who’s steadily emerged as an opponent of the Biden regime’s reckless spending spree over the past year.

If these handouts don’t get renewed, people will start getting huge bills in the mail. They’ll start getting them right in the lead up to the midterms around October. 

There were over two million new people who signed up for the Obamacare system last year. How will they feel to get stabbed in the back just before being told to vote for a Democrat?

Biden needs this renewal of the expansion to pass. Manchin’s not having it and that could mean it’s dead in the Senate.

Why is Manchin Opposed?

Despite the fact it could hit his state residents hardest of all, at an average of $1,500 per person, Manchin is saying he won’t vote for the expansion of the funding relief for Obamacare enrollees.

Why not? Manchin wants the Democrats to start listening to him about his other ideas for bringing down the price of drugs and the deficit, instead of trying to push through Biden’s dead Build Back Better bill.

Though the Democrats led by Chuck Schumer in the Senate have so far managed to get nothing done. This leaves Manchin frustrated and unable to cast a vote for funding their other priorities, like Obamacare.

The result is a standoff that could cost the Democrats even worse in the upcoming midterms.