Omar Calls for Arrests of Republican Lawmakers

"Ilhan Omar" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lorie Shaull

The lack of regard and pathological hatred which the Democrat Party harbors towards Republicans and other non-leftists is quite concerning. From CNN’s reference to Trump supporters as an “army of trolls,” to Hillary Clinton infamously branding those who favor Trump as “deplorables,” it’s very clear that the left doesn’t think much of those who oppose their twisted ideologies.

However, in spite of the aforementioned details, the greatest display of pathological hatred and Trump Derangement Syndrome is the impeachment inquiry. Democrats have been attempting to impeach Trump since before his inauguration; now, they’re back at it again.

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Impeachment March by IndivisibleSF, on Flickr

Impeachment March” (CC BY 2.0) by IndivisibleSF

Yesterday, House Democrats attempted to conduct an impeachment hearing behind closed doors. Republicans wouldn’t stand for it and literally barged in, thus demanding openness and transparency.

Democrats, as a result of their corruption and ill intentions, fear these demands; this explains why House Rep. Ilhan Omar stated that Republicans who entered yesterday’s closed hearing should be arrested, per reports from Townhall.

Why Does Omar Want GOP Lawmakers Arrested?

On Wednesday, Omar sat down for an interview on the left-wing Deconstructed podcast. During this time, the congresswoman spoke about yesterday’s closed hearing and shared her views on the events which transpired.

Omar branded the GOP’s interest in transparency as a “security breach.” She then went on to confirm her belief that Republicans who entered the impeachment inquiry ought to be taken into police custody.

Omar continued her statements by alleging that “obnoxious” Republicans shouldn’t have entered the chambers with their cell phones on them; the congresswoman also maintained that it took House Democrats 90 minutes to “re-secure that room.”

Finally, Omar took aim at President Trump and Republicans on Twitter, alleging that both parties are “making [her] into their villain.”

Closed Doors and Hidden Agenda

The very nature of the impeachment inquiry is insidious, senseless and downright treasonous. The reasons which Democrats provide for impeaching the president have consistently changed; first, it was Russia, then it was obstruction of justice, now it’s Ukraine. Aside from the ongoing changes in reasons, the one consistent factor in all this is that Democrats have always lacked the proof of wrongdoing and the necessary votes.

Democrats tried to pull a fast one yesterday because they know it’s the best shot they’ve got. After repeated votes on impeachment in the House, all that Democrats have to show for it is failure. Meanwhile, as the witch hunt continues, other matters of importance, such as the opioid crisis, are tossed to the wayside; it’s actually quite unfortunate.

Missed the D.C. demonstrations by a coup by caswell_tom, on Flickr

Missed the D.C. demonstrations by a coup” (CC BY 2.0) by caswell_tom

Ilhan Omar would be much better off doing her job as a congresswoman instead of going on podcasts and calling for the arrests of lawmakers with whom she disagrees.

What do you think about Omar’s take on Republican lawmakers? Should they be arrested and taken into custody? Sound off in the comments section below!