One Rule for Those Crossing the Mexican Border – A Different One for Cubans

The US Coast Guard said this week it expelled 29 Cuban citizens caught trying to get to Florida via the water, according to forteen Y Medio, an alternative Cuban news station. The 29 people join the other 27 who were expelled towards the end of last month after navigating the Florida Straits in improvised vessels. Following national anti-communist demonstrations on July 11, the first party was thought to become the first to attempted passage into America.

The Amount of Cubans Fleeing Since the Riots in Cuba Took Hold

Following the July 11 protests, the Communist Party and its oppressive forces unleashed a wave of excessive brutality against both demonstrators and those accused of just dissenting from Marxist doctrine.

Cubans have reported incidents of state security forces firing on defenseless crowds gathered to demand the ending of the 62-year-old government; they’ve also reported door-to-door searches in which protesters were battered in their own homes and shot in front of their families days later.

Since July 11, human rights organizations have verified over 1,000 arrests and confirmed the disappearance of people suspected of disagreeing with the administration.

President Joe Biden’s strong policy of refusing access to Cuban balseros, or “rafters,” nicknamed after their handmade boats, has not changed despite abundant evidence of brutal governmental repression of political dissenters.

Former President Barack Obama eliminated a process known as wet foot/dry foot which permitted Cubans who reached American land to stay in the nation.


The 29 Cubans were apprehended and deported, according to a Coast Guard statement released Sunday. This comes thanks to the efforts of four “good Samaritans” who alerted the Coast Guard to “suspect watercraft” in the Florida Keys. The vessels were all intercepted last week, according to reports; the largest had 20 people on board, while the smallest had only two.

Three persons were not removed from the vessels, which had a total of 31 passengers on board. According to the Coast Guard announcement, one immigrant was found to have a valid expression of concern and is being transported to the relevant authorities. The Department of Homeland Security is still holding two more people accused of human smuggling.

The Coast Guard published photographs of two of the watercraft, one carrying two guys and the other (according to the Coast Guard’s description) carrying five passengers, three of whom are visible and sporting American flag jackets.

Since October 2020 and the present, the Coast Guard has significantly increased the number of infiltrations of Cubans at sea. According to its own figures, which were provided alongside a public announcement on the latest expulsions last week, it has expelled 648 Cubans to back to the country during that time.

That figure was 49 for the entire fiscal year 2020. During the fiscal year 2017 — President Donald Trump’s first year in office — to the same period in 2018, there was a substantial decline in the number of infiltrations from 1,468 to just 259.