Only a Republican Majority After Midterms Will Hold Biden to Account

Conservative Matt Mowers is a contender in the 2022 midterm elections for New Hampshire’s first congressional seat; he is also seeking to dislodge vulnerable Democrat Rep. Chris Pappas.

Mowers recently informed Breitbart News that the Biden government needs to be held responsible and that only a GOP House majority will do so.

Just How Did the Administration Cope with the Crisis?

Mowers spoke with Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News this week about Afghanistan; the GOP candidate also discussed his campaign to remove a weak liberal from the House of Representatives in an attempt to flip the chamber red.

Mower was a longtime official and top White House assistant at the Department of State for previous President Donald Trump; therefore, so Boyle asked him about how Afghanistan is working out with the present government.

Mowers declared that Joe Biden’s management of Afghanistan has been a colossal failure. He also noted that he doesn’t say that lightly or cheerfully. What we’ve witnessed is so depressing for our nation, regarding the Biden government’s management of the fatal situation, per Mowers.

Mowers went on to say that the insurgent strike that killed 13 U.S. members of the military was one of the most lethal days of the fight. He explained that when you contrast that with what we had in the Trump administration, it’s a different story.

America did not have a fatality in the last 18 months of the Trump presidency. After Biden got in, America had one of the deadliest days in war history. As a result, according to Mowers, the failed pullout tells you what ineptitude in the presidential office will get you.

Obama’s Term Should have Told Us Everything We Needed to Know

Mowers claimed that the US has previously seen eight years of ineptitude in the Oval Office under Barack Obama and Joe Biden. ISIS was raging across the Middle East, China was expanding militarily over the world, and we had a communist dictator in our own region who was overlooked.

Mowers subsequently added that in contrast to Obama (who controlled every move thousands of miles from home) President Trump trusted the military to command itself. The GOP congressional candidate also called for Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to quit.

A few of the professional and political leaders in other agencies in D.C. were also chastised by Mowers. Some of them seem to be more concerned with seeming sophisticated at some formal dinner in Washington than with making intelligent choices that preserve the public safety and welfare of American citizens.

When addressing the number of persons left behind in Kabul (which the government estimates to be around 100-200), Boyle noted that there have been papers on this matter. These papers show there could have been double that amount, as there are various communities in California alone that might have very many people left there.

When Biden suggested that individuals were being left adrift, Mowers called his remarks “disgusting.”