O’Rourke Gets Put on Blast (Again) for Vowing to Take Your Guns

Recent mass shootings in the United States have marked a turning point in the ever-controversial gun control debate. To be clear, the Democrat Party has dropped all illusions that they’re “not trying to take your guns.”

2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke made this very clear when he proudly professed at the third primary debate, “hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.” Furthermore, progressives’ continued support for O’Rourke demonstrates that they know this has always been the endgame.

A Brief Review of the Backlash Against O’Rourke

Since advocating for “buying back” the rightful property of lawful Americans, O’Rourke has been getting put on blast. One gun owner confronted O’Rourke last week at one of his town halls and directly told him, “hell no, you’re not.”

Last week, Columbine shooting survivor Evan Todd also confronted O’Rourke. The interesting part of Todd’s confrontation is that he initially presented himself as someone who supports O’Rourke’s push for a gun grab.

In actuality, Todd was looking to see how far O’Rourke is willing to go with mandatory buyback programs, as documented by Fox News.

A Deeper Look at O’Rourke’s Eagerness to Seize Your Guns

For the longest time, Democrats claimed they weren’t trying to take your guns. Just one year ago, O’Rourke encouraged lawful Americans to keep using their AR-15s “responsibly.” Now, he’s claiming that he’s coming for your firearms whether you like it or not. Tactfully peeling back more layers of the Democrats’ true agenda is a smart strategy.

When speaking with Fox News earlier this morning, Evan Todd expressed his interest in learning just how far O’Rourke is willing to go with his mandatory buyback programs.

Todd explained himself in the following statements:

“I went to hear Beto speak and if I got the opportunity to ask him where he drew the line as far as his gun confiscation plans — and I wanted to phrase it in a way that allowed him to speak his mind and he did. He really is open to… banning and confiscating nearly all firearms.”

Todd furthermore slammed O’Rourke for “removing the means of protection for millions and millions of law-abiding Americans.”

The Erroneous Nature of Mandatory Buybacks

Mandatory buyback programs do not impact criminals who are intent upon doing harm. Individuals with no regard for the law will not magically turn over their guns because a government demands them to; they also won’t abstain from committing a mass shooting simply because there’s a sign declaring the area as a “gun free zone.” Criminals don’t, never have, and never will have an iota of regard for gun control laws.

It’s time that politicians start looking into the real reasons behind mass shootings, rather than taking the easy route and simply blaming the gun. A gun can save lives or it can take lives. Guns are not inherently good or evil; it is the individual holding the gun who ultimately determines what type of person they are.

As long as Democrats continue to publicly rally for disarming lawful citizens of this country, they should expect the backlash which O’Rourke is currently experiencing.

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