Ossoff Peddles Disproven Claims Against Perdue, Loeffler Amid Early Voting

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On Monday, early voting started for both special elections in the state of Georgia.

From this point forward on to December 31, 2020, residents of Georgia will be able to cast their votes in the races between GOP Sen. David Perdue and Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff vs. GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler vs. Democrat challenger Raphael Warnock.

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Democrats are working day and night to win both Senate seats and stop Perdue and Loeffler from winning re-election.

Yesterday, Ossoff demonstrated this when he leveled redundant and disproven claims against Sens. Perdue and Loeffler, as reported by Townhall.

False Tales About Insider Stock Trading

Democrats have run attack ad after attack ad accusing Loeffler and Perdue of criminal insider stock trading and “profiting from the pandemic.” What Democrats won’t talk about, however, is the fact that the Senate Ethics Committee and the Justice Department cleared both Republican senators.

Ossoff, on the other hand, really, really wants to get elected into Congress; he also wants Democrats to control the Senate. This is why Ossoff labeled Loeffler and Perdue as “Bonnie and Clyde of corruption” while repeating debunked tales about insider stock trading.

The Georgia Democrat then went on to claim that both GOP senators prioritized using Congress to “enrich themselves” at the expense of Americans. What Ossoff didn’t mention, though, is the reality that while Perdue and Loeffler fought for economic relief for Georgians, Ossoff opposed PPP and the CARES Act.

The Truth About Jon Ossoff

In the 2018 elections, Ossoff ran for the House of Representatives against Georgia Republican Karen Handel. Ossoff did not win this race.

Prior to the runoffs, Perdue won over 100,000 more votes than Jon Ossoff in Georgia. Perdue himself has also pointed out that in many other states, he would have won flat out and not even landed in a runoff against Ossoff.

Yesterday, Perdue kicked off an early vote tour in Georgia. The senator traveled across the Peach State yesterday, meeting with Georgians and encouraging early voting. The Republican senator also continues to speak at length about how much remains at stake in Georgia’s special elections.

Later today, Joe Biden will host a drive-in rally in Atlanta, Georgia to drum up support for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

Are you surprised that Democrats are resorting to lies to win their special elections in Georgia? Let us know your thoughts on these runoff races in the comments section below!