Panel For Children Will Be Featured At Star Wars Event

Star Wars Celebration is the official event for Star Wars fans. On Monday, Twitter accountholder That Gay Jedi announced that there will be a panel titled “Star Wars is DRAG!”

This Gay Jedi posted on Twitter:

This panel will discuss the many ways in which drag’s long and illustrious history has contributed to global entertainment, art, political action, and more, as stated in the official panel description that was sent out with the tweet.

He added why else would the facts and principles of drag performance pervade innumerable facets of our everyday existence, even down to Star Wars?

Drag In Star Wars??

That Gay Jedi went on to say many of the finest figures in Star Wars represent different tenets of drag, such as “drag as individual expression and self-discovery” (Din Darin), “drag as Queer Rebellion” (Asajj Ventress*), or “drag as self-empowerment” (Padmé Amidala).

He said the importance of drag extends beyond the pages and screens of Star Wars and permeates the community itself via activities like cosplay.

A few commenters on the drag panel pointed out there was no age limit for the session and that Star Wars Celebration advertises itself as being for fans of all ages.

Mr. H Reviews, a popular YouTuber, announced on Tuesday that Star Wars Celebration will feature a board about drag shows. He later clarified the panel is improper because Star Wars is meant for children.

Mr. H Reviews acknowledges the show may not be as bad as other previous drag events where kids were present, but he maintains the tremendous information we have from these events shows them to be highly inappropriate.

He went on to talk about the recent Austin, Texas Christmas drag show that used traditional Christmas symbols in the context of graphic sex simulations for the benefit of children.

Permitted By Disney

Melanie Mac confirmed on YouTube that Disney is indeed okay with a drag panel set in the Star Wars universe. That Gay Jedi posted a video on YouTube with the caption “let’s speak about it” to respond.

That Gay Jedi effectively indicated he is not going to keep quiet about the fact he will not tolerate anyone else using his name in vain.

Then, the Gay Jedi said to his detractors, “it’s something with an obviously sexual or grooming connotation or it’s an issue with strong political overtones.”

Actually, the description of the panel itself reads: “Some of Star Wars’ absolute best characters embrace different key characteristics of drag.”

The “rich history of drag has charmed the globe with theater, culture, political activity, and much more,” as the official description puts it.

“It’s a mystery to me where you could find anything sexy in there. “Sounds like a you thing,” he said, adding, “Check up on your reading comprehension if you think that description applies to anyone else.”

Drag is a style of pageantry in which adults dress up in exaggerated costumes based on sexually suggestive stereotypes of the opposite sex; there has been an emergence of drag content directed towards or accessible to children.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.