Panic on Capitol Hill: Democrats Worry About Biden but Take No Action


As President Joe Biden's approval ratings continue to plummet, Democrats on Capitol Hill are increasingly anxious about their prospects in the upcoming 2024 elections. Despite the growing concern, there appears to be little movement towards addressing the issue or considering alternatives.

A recent survey by The Economist/YouGov revealed that one-third of Democrats and Democrat-leaning voters believe Biden should withdraw from the presidential race. This sentiment is not isolated, as Biden's performance in the most recent debate has only fueled these concerns, leading to a notable drop in his support across key swing states​.

Internal polling from Biden's own Super PAC shows that his vote share in battleground states has significantly declined post-debate. For instance, in Pennsylvania, Trump's lead over Biden increased from 5.1 to 7.3 percentage points. Similar trends are seen in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Georgia, where Biden's support has eroded further​​.

Democrat strategists are sounding the alarm, expressing frustration over Biden's handling of critical issues like inflation and abortion. Joel Payne, a Democrat strategist, emphasized the need for Biden to provide political clarity and leadership during these challenging times. Another strategist likened the situation to watching a house on fire without attempting to extinguish the flames​​.

Despite the panic among party members, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) continues to back Biden, circulating talking points that misleadingly suggest there is no procedural way to replace him on the ticket. This lack of action has only deepened the frustration among rank-and-file Democrats, many of whom believe Biden's weaknesses are becoming a liability​.

In the media, reactions to Biden's recent debate performance have been harsh. MSNBC host Joy Reid remarked that instead of reassuring Democrats, Biden's performance left them more panicked about his ability to lead and win another term. This sentiment is echoed by many within the party who feel Biden has failed to demonstrate the stamina and strength needed for another four years.

Adding to the Democrats' woes, Biden's approval ratings are underwater in 48 states, with only Hawaii and Vermont showing net positive ratings. His overall approval has sunk to the lowest of his presidency, with just 30% of Americans approving of his performance​.

Despite these troubling signs, Biden remains determined to stay in the race. However, the lack of a clear and viable alternative within the Democratic Party only compounds the problem. Potential replacements do not fare any better against Trump in hypothetical matchups, leaving the party in a precarious position as the 2024 election approaches​​.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Democratic leaders will take decisive action or continue to watch from the sidelines as Biden's support erodes. For now, the party seems to be in a state of inertia, unable or unwilling to confront the challenges head-on.


  1. I’m so thankful I’m not a democrat and if I were a democrat I would immediately disavow any further affiliation with the party and change my voter status to non politically affiliated then at least I could walk away with my head held high comforted with the thought that at least I won’t be thought of by others as one of those stupid democrats!


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