Paul Pelosi Had Drug in Blood When Arrested For DUI  

(Napa County Police)

Multimillionaire Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, had a certain type of drug in his system when he got nabbed for drunk driving and causing a car crash near their family mansion in Napa Valley, California.

This happened back at the end of May, new court documents have revealed.

Lots of the Pelosis in the News

The new revelations about Paul Pelosi’s DUI arrest emerged against the backdrop of his wife making global headlines over a visit to Taiwan, an informal US ally claimed by communist China as its territory.

The House Speaker carried out the visit amid raging protests by Chinese communists who view it as an act of lending legitimacy to the island of Taiwan.

There have been speculations that Pelosi rushed to Taiwan not so much out of a desire to promote Taiwanese democracy, freedom, and independence, but because she is trying to divert attention from the scandals of her family.

Paul Pelosi got arrested at about 10 pm on May 28, five miles from the family vineyard River Run in Napa Valley. Then, he was charged with a DUI and later bailed with $5,000 early the following morning.

He drove without stopping through a stop sign before his 2021 Porsche crashed into a 2014 Jeep.

‘Statutory Boilerplate Language’

The newly reported court documents cited by Fox News show Paul Pelosi had a “drug” in his blood; although its nature hasn’t been revealed.

At the time of his arrest, he had watery, red eyes, and slurred speech; he even tried to present a police courtesy card to the police officers.

The card in question was issued by the 11-99 Foundation, which is a charity benefiting Highway Patrol in California by supporting officers and giving scholarships to their children.

The misdemeanor complaint in the newly revealed court documents states Pelosi showed “signs of impairment.” He couldn’t stand steady on his feet and he was reeking of alcohol.

The police investigators later discovered Pelosi’s blood alcohol content stood at 0.082%.

The new documents also reveal the driver of the jeep, respectively the victim of Paul Pelosi’s DUI, at first, refused medical aid on the scene of the crash.

However, several days later, on June 2, the victim – mentioned only as “John Doe” – told prosecutors of Napa County that after the crash, he had pain in the neck, right shoulder, and upper right arm.

According to the document, Paul Pelosi caused the injuries while being under the influence of both an “alcoholic beverage and a drug,” plus their combined influence.

Amanda Bevins, Pelosi’s attorney, protested the mentioning of the drug in comments to Fox News.

She claimed the reference to a drug in the misdemeanor complaint is just part of what she described as its “statutory boilerplate language.”


This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.