Pelosi Incident Suggests Capitol Police Incompetence

Aside from the president, the House Speaker is the most powerful elected official in the United States. Consequently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a permanent security detail from the Capitol Police.

Pelosi’s protection detail has cutting-edge capabilities and communicates closely with the U.S. Secret Service. This happens in accordance with the stability of the government’s protocols in the event that both President Biden and VP Kamala Harris are unavailable.

These safeguards go far beyond what other high-ranking legislators receive. Since the riot at the Capitol in January 2021, the security of all congressional members increased this summer.

What Went Wrong?

Then, how did an attacker get into the Pelosis’ San Francisco home and bludgeon her husband, Paul Pelosi, senselessly?

It’s probable that Paul Pelosi ordered the Capitol Police to disband and abandon the Pelosi household. It’s true that being under constant governmental surveillance might get old after a while.

Since the Capitol Police will have placed several security and remote access systems at Pelosi’s residence, this is important information to consider. This is a regular operating procedure for high-level protected government personnel in the United States.

However, these precautions are not to be suspended just because a protected individual, such as Speaker Pelosi, is temporarily absent from the premises.

Someone planning an attack could exploit the opportunity presented by the target’s absence to scope the area. They might also plant a bomb or other detonation-delayed device.

Security personnel can respond to potential threats by using warnings and notifications provided by perimeter and entrance control systems. The Capitol Police should have said no to Paul Pelosi if he had asked for a halt to security precautions.

Something obviously went awry on Thursday night in San Francisco. The initial response to the scene was made by the San Francisco Police Department.

The alleged attacker was taken into custody by its personnel. Worse, NBC News reported that the attacker said, “Where’s Nancy?!” before launching an attack on Paul Pelosi.

Slip-ups and Answers

Accordingly, the Capitol Police have two pressing concerns to address.

First, what kind of defenses were in place, and if any were inactive, why were they? Was the problem with them, and if so, why weren’t they found sooner? Furthermore, why weren’t any Capitol Police personnel stationed in San Francisco to provide security?

When it comes to protecting the public, not even the best agency in the country is immune to security breaches.

After falsely asserting that “roving patrols” by agents and officers at former President George H.W. Bush’s home meant defective alarms were not a problem, the DHS inspector general discovered that the Secret Service was lying in 2015.

Since then, there have been further instances at secure facilities like the White House Complex. In any case, the Capitol Police must swiftly and thoroughly report additional information about this incident.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.