Pelosi Pushing for Forced Masking of Lawmakers

When a crisis arises, Democrats never miss the opportunity to further their own political power. Americans witnessed this when the nation was on lockdown and we’re seeing it now as the economy gradually reopens for business.

One of the most controversial issues associated with this “pandemic,” has undoubtedly been the face masks. Many Americans aren’t comfortable with covering their faces; moreover, there are health hazards associated with repeatedly re-inhaling your own waste. It’s also worth noting that face masks, in and of themselves, do not halt the spread of cough droplets.


In spite of these details, Democrats are doing all they can to force face masks on people. Fox News informs that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now moving to mandate face masks for lawmakers.

Everything to Know About Pelosi’s Forced Masking Agenda

According to an unnamed leftist aide, Pelosi’s agenda entails having House Committee Leaders deny entry to lawmakers who decline to wear face coverings. If such a decree were to be instated, the Sergeant at Arms would be responsible for enforcing it.

In order to force face masks onto lawmakers, the House Speaker recently requested the congressional Office of the Attending Physician to review guidelines for face coverings. Right now, Pelosi hopes that House Committee Leaders will include face mask-wearing as part of the decorum rules.

Sadly, the House Speaker’s moves to force face masks onto lawmakers are consistent with the behaviors of other Democrat leaders. Many leftist governors and mayors are mandating face masks and giving businesses the green light to deny entry to customers without masks. The latter has already led to several lawsuits.

What do you make of Nancy Pelosi’s agenda to force lawmakers into wearing face masks? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section down below.

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