Pelosi Speaks of Digging Holes to Reach China in Bizarre Damage Control

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made probably one of her most bizarre comments ever.

Pelosi declared when she was little, she was told she could dig a hole to reach China; this seems like a very weird, botched attempt at damage control after infuriating the Beijing communists last week by visiting Taiwan.

Pelosi Makes Headlines After Taiwan

Last week, Pelosi made global headlines when she visited Taiwan, which is claimed by mainland Communist China as its territory, in spite of never having been such.

The regime of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping was furious because it saw Pelosi’s visit as legitimizing a potential declaration of independence by Taiwan.

Beijing ended up showing itself as toothless. While it did start giant military drills all around Taiwan, that was the extent of the reaction it could afford, seemingly being afraid of direct confrontation with America.

The People’s Republic of China also introduced some sanctions against both Taiwan and the United States, including the termination of bilateral military relations.

There have been concerns that by making her visit to Taiwan, Pelosi may push China closer to Russia. Chinese communists may even help the Russian regime with its war against Ukraine.

(Social media video snapshot)

Pelosi’s Child Joke, Sandbox Diplomacy

Nancy Pelosi was giving a press conference at the US Embassy in Tokyo on Friday when she uttered the extremely bizarre phrase about digging a hole to China.

The House Speaker said when she “was a little girl” at the beach, she got told if she “dug a hole deep enough,” she would “reach China” on the other side of the globe.

The House Speaker quipped further that because of this “we” – meaning either America or humanity – “have always felt a connection there.”

One of the most bizarre comments she ever made in her nearly 40 years in national politics may have been meant as some form of damage control that would supposedly placate the Chinese communists.

Although it remains unclear how she may have hoped to accomplish that by telling childhood stories about digging holes to the other side of the Earth.

Her quip, however, did come in response to a reporter’s question on whether Pelosi believes that US-Chinese relations are going to be affected negatively by the large-scale military drills that China launched around the island of Taiwan in the wake of her visit.

Pelosi’s reference to the old joke American parents say to their kids about them “digging a hole to China” in sand boxes or at the beach is a weird choice for a diplomatic comment.

That’s because technically, it is the South American nations of Argentina and Chile which are on the opposite side of the planet to China, not the territory of the United States.


This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.