Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit Pushes China, Russia Closer Together in More Trouble For US

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, which defied the Chinese communist regime and exposed it as toothless vis-à-vis America, may have created further, bigger trouble for the United States down the road.

It seems to have pushed China and Russia closer together and could even bring Chinese support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A Nudge in Russia’s Direction?

Taiwan is an informal US ally. It has never been part of the communist People’s Republic of China on the mainland, but is nonetheless claimed by Beijing as its sovereign territory.

In spite of all of its big talk over Pelosi’s visit to the island, Beijing didn’t make good on its threats.

However, Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin used the occasion to jump to China’s defense in terms of rhetoric.

Now, the Chinese communists, which so far abstained from lending major support to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, may embrace the Putin regime in far more tangible terms.

China’s position remains ambiguous. While the Xi regime has been stating its readiness to use force to conquer Taiwan, the Chinese leadership has also been observing Russia’s failure to conquer Ukraine.

US Remains the Top Dog

The most direct and notable result of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan may be the Chinese losing “lingering illusions” about “doing business with America,” according to Russian political and military analyst Dmitry Trenin, a former officer from the Soviet and Russian armies.

“This would be good for Russia,” Trenin told Fox News.

In his words, Russians have realized China is only “after its own interests,” which is why Moscow is now looking to get Chinese aid in areas where their interests coincide.

He also stressed the visit demonstrated a very important fact in today’s world. Namely, that the United States of America “remains the world’s top player” in global politics and security matters. It can handle China and Russia at the same time.

Trenin argued the ties between Russia and China have not only been very strong, but also “passed” the “stress test” of February 24, i.e. the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He also remarkably claimed the Putin regime has now ended Russia’s 300-year-long orientation towards the West and completed a Russian “pivot” to the East.

In his words, Moscow has been “shifting resources” to the East.

Meanwhile, on Thursday morning, Russia’s former president, a Putin ally and deputy head of the Russian security council, Dmitry Medvedev, weighed in.

He has been making more and more aggressively unhinged statements lately. Medvedev threatened Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is going to bring “global consequences” for the United States in the future times to come.

He menaced that “next time,” the “restless old woman” may not be able to “reach the selected point.”

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.