Pence: COVID-19 Could be “Behind Us” By Memorial Day Weekend

"White House Coronavirus Update Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

It is very safe to say that most Americans are eager for COVID-19 and the subsequent overreactions to the virus to pass. 26 million Americans are out of work, parents are being arrested in parks for playing with their kids outside; it’s blatantly obvious that what’s happening now cannot continue.


Several governors in red states have begun to gradually ease certain restrictions and allow businesses to resume operations. This measure comes at a much-needed time, especially in light of reports that indicate even more furloughs and job loss to come.

On Thursday, Vice President Mike Pence offered a ray of hope during an interview with Fox News. Pence explained that according to present trends, coronavirus may very well be “behind us” by Memorial Day Weekend.

Vice President Pence on Getting Past COVID-19

While speaking with Fox News, the vice president declared that Memorial Day Weekend could mark a significant turning point in our nation’s battle against coronavirus. Pence then pointed out that elected officials at local and state levels will commence gradually lifting various restrictions.

At this time, the vice president currently heads the coronavirus task force. Pence’s statements about Memorial Day Weekend as a potential milestone come as various states begin to open up.

While many Republican governors gradually ease certain restrictions, Democrats are tightening lockdowns and expanding the duration of their stay home orders; this comes at a time of mounting social unrest against governments prohibiting people from working and earning a living.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Only time will tell whether or not America has effectively neutralized COVID-19 by Memorial Day Weekend. Either way, though, something has to give. Americans have already reached a point of refusing to remain in their homes. Likewise, governors are facing protests and lawsuits while certain police officers cite their refusal to enforce stay home orders.


What’s happening now is not sustainable. It’s important to remember that while coronavirus’ recovery rate significantly surpasses 90%, the same is not true of poverty. It’s also important to remember that the measures taken to end COVID-19 must not be worse than the virus itself.

Do you think the vice president’s predictions will turn out to be correct? How much longer do you believe America can continue in our current position? Don’t hold anything back in the comments section below!