Pence Sets Biden Straight on Who is Vice President of the United States

At this point in the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden’s status as a cringe-worthy gaffe machine is pretty well-established. During Biden’s attendance at Thursday night’s third Democrat debate, he regularly stammered and had to correct himself as he spoke on various issues.

This comes amidst a series of questions about Biden’s competency as a 2020 candidate and concerns from the Democrat Party. At one point during the debate, fellow 2020 hopeful Julian Castro even asked Biden if he forgot a statements which he made two minutes prior.

Biden’s latest blunder occurred on Thursday when he referred to himself as vice president of the United States. Of course, this is an inaccurate declaration; Biden served as vice president throughout 2009-2017. The current vice president of the United States is Mike Pence.

This is not the first time which Biden has confused his years of service as vice president, only this time, Pence called out Biden for this error, as documented by CSPAN via Twitter.

The Current Vice President of the United States

On Friday, Pence spoke at a Republican, Baltimore-based retreat before an audience. During this time, the vice president covered a series of issues, including Biden’s latest gaffe. Pence confirmed that he is, in fact, the vice president of the United States, not Joe Biden.

See for yourself:

Biden’s reference to himself as “vice president of the United States” came after a back-and-forth with Castro. Castro called out Biden for repeatedly invoking former President Obama in order to defend himself, yet shying away from his time as Obama’s vice president when criticism of the Obama administration comes up.

Furthermore, Julian Castro is not the only 2020 Democrat to make this observation; Cory Booker has also called out Biden for repeatedly referencing the 44th president when it proves to be convenient.

More on Biden’s Latest Slip-Up

Biden’s claim that he currently is “vice president of the United States” didn’t do him any favors. Shortly after the third Democrat debate, Cory Booker spoke with CNN about Biden. Booker noted that certain Democrats, such as Castro, have serious reservations about Biden’s ability not “fumble.”

Booker additionally declared that Biden has a tendency to “meander” in his speech and that there are times where you look at the former vice president and “just wonder.”

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