Pence Will Head U.S. Coronavirus Task Force

The spread of coronavirus has become a matter which has garnered worldwide attention. The virus is believed to have origins in China, however, there are still numerous reports of individuals in different parts of the world becoming sick because of it. In light of the threat that coronavirus poses, the United States government maintains that they are working to halt its spread in the states.

On Wednesday, President Trump announced his decision to appoint Vice President Mike Pence to head the United States’ Coronavirus task force, as reported by Breitbart News. This decision comes in light of Pence’s prior work in healthcare during his time as Indiana’s governor.

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Vice President Pence in Michigan by The White House, on Flickr

Vice President Pence in Michigan” (Public Domain) by The White House

Trump’s decision to get ahead of coronavirus and initiate a task force against it comes as Democrats continue to falsely allege that the president is minimizing the virus’ threat to Americans.

What to Know About the Coronavirus Task Force

The duties of the U.S. Coronavirus task force entail working to prevent the spread of the disease and acting accordingly if, in fact, it does manage to permeate. During his appointment of Pence, the president also announced that his administration has asked Congress to allot $2.5 billion dollars in order to combat coronavirus.

The vice president’s role as the head of the coronavirus task force will involve working with a team of healthcare professionals and reporting back to Trump. During Pence’s acceptance of the appointment, he noted his appreciation for the role and positive anticipation of working with additional members of the Coronavirus task force.

Thus far, America has banned Chinese foreign nationals and recent travelers to China from coming here. The Trump administration also quarantined individuals who were found to be carriers of the coronavirus.

Politicization of Coronavirus

Unfortunately, the Trump administration’s moves to get ahead of coronavirus hasn’t stopped Democrats from employing childish antics. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi already came out earlier this week and claimed that Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about in regards to the disease.

When asked about the Speaker’s remarks on Wednesday, the president marked Pelosi as “incompetent,” moreover stating that she’s “trying to create a panic” and seeking “political advantage.” Trump additionally pointed out that as his administration is working to stop coronavirus, Pelosi and the Democrats are “demeaning” healthcare professionals.

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