Pentagon Warns That China is Trying To Take Over the Moon

Put on your seat belts! The ride is about to get wild. We’ve dealt with the threat of China for years now, and it’s been growing ever since COVID.

Whereas new reports show the communist regime also has a strong interest in not only dominating earth, but also outer space.

Fly Me To The Moon

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Administrator Bill Nelson said the US still has a chance of beating China in the race to inhabit and utilize the moon.

Though Nelson warned that it will be a race against time for the US. China is looking to gain the best positions on the moon in order to obtain and exploit the best resources that earth’s natural satellite has to offer.

Nelson’s biggest concern is China wants to turn the lunar soil into Chinese territory and officially incorporate it into their nation. Having China be the first country to claim a foreign planet’s territory for itself would be a huge blow to America and the western world.

China’s Menacing Ambitions

Nelson fears that China will do the same to the Moon as what they did in the Spratly Islands, where they have established military bases, making it clear that it owns the territory.

The tensions in the South China Sea are already bad enough; imagine if they spread to the moon as well. The US isn’t going to take this lying down. Indeed, in the meantime, America is already on an ongoing mission on the Moon, named the Artemis mission.

The U.S. aims to be the first country to establish a human base on lunar territory, with plans to settle it by mid-2025. Nelson stresses the importance of the government approving a larger budget to segment NASA’s Moon project.

In contrast, Beijing recently announced the opening of a new space center, which is willing and committed to reaching the Moon by the end of 2029.

Last month, the Chinese government unveiled its ambitious project focused on new space governance. The project has a bold infrastructure and full financial support from the government.

The Biden administration already caused the Artemis mission to be delayed by more than a year so far, unlike when Trump was the leader and gave more support to NASA projects.

Pentagon Issues Alert

It’s not just American astronauts who are concerned about China’s advances; the American military also fears the strength which the Chinese have demonstrated.

The Chinese are a real threat to American satellites present in space and the Pentagon is deeply concerned. In recent years, China has achieved great achievements with regard to space entry and exploration.

An example of this was the launch of several robots to collect data from the lunar soil. Also, there were robots that managed to reach the ground on Mars, with the same purpose.

The speed of China’s advances in space is expressive, impressive, and incredible. The Pentagon recently released a report on China’s stratospheric progress.

The report shows the main Chinese advances and makes clear the real concern this poses to national security.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.