Perpetrator of Horror Murder Exposes Illegal Immigrant

(Social media footage snapshot shows David Bonola)

The perpetrator of one of the most gruesome recent crimes, the murder of a New York City mother who was stabbed 58 times, has turned out to be an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

He’s 44, a handyman, and has been in America illegally for 20 years, according to New York Police Department detectives cited by The New York Post.

20 Years Illegally in US and Nobody Knows How

The severely mutilated corpse of a 51-year-old mother from Queens, Orsolya Gaal, was discovered by a dog walker, stuffed in a hockey bag, and left on a street in Forest Hills on April 16.

The police have arrested a suspect, Mexican national David Bonola, a handyman with whom the victim had a two-year-long on-and-off affair.

According to the investigators, in a fit of fury on the night of April 15, Bonola first slit his lover’s throat, after which he stabbed her body repeatedly.

Then, the cold-blooded killer stuffed Gaal’s corpse in what is said to be her son’s hockey bag and wheeled it out of the house.

On Friday, Bonola was charged with murder, as well as criminal tampering, after he was arrested on Wednesday and made a confession.

The details he provided have been described as “chilling” – including the fact he actually had a cream cheese bagel right after he was done stabbing the defenseless victim.

Reports also reveal Bonola is married and has two children.

His wife is said to have been estranged, but still living with him in Queens; a woman who may have been her was photographed on Friday as she was leaving his house.

ICE is reported to have filed a detainer with the facility where the murderer is being held, Queens Central Booking.

Gaal lived in the home where she was slaughtered, together with her two sons and her husband, Howard.

She allegedly met with the Mexican illegal immigrant after hiring him for work on the house and started an affair with him.

The two of them reportedly felled out before April, then reconciled. Though a second falling out followed, which is when the dreadful murder was committed by the Mexican handyman.

(Facebook photos show the victim, Orsolya Gaal)

Dreadful Murder, Instead of Affair ‘Rekindling’

NYPD sources told the NYP that Bonola appears to have gone to Gaal’s house on April 15 in order to “rekindle” their affair.

The two of them went to the basement; this is where the murder was committed, since Leo, Gaal’s younger son, at the time was upstairs.

The illegal immigrant killed the Queens mother, using a knife he found in her house; he even left the murder weapon there as he wheeled out her corpse.

Bonola tried to throw off the investigators. After he dumped the corpse half a mile away from the crime scene, he texted Gaal’s husband, Howard Klein, in which he claimed to be a person the woman once sent to prison.

The following day, the Mexican went to a nearby hospital to get treatment for knife wounds on his hands.

CCTV footage captured Bonola as he was wheeling off the dead body of his lover down the street early in the morning on April 16.

He was eventually picked up for questioning by NYPD detectives, who were aware of their affair; he confessed to the murder while inside the 112th Precinct.

Police sources informed that it remains unknown whether Gaal’s husband had knowledge of his wife’s affair.