Philadelphia Throws $500K of Taxpayers Money to Abortion Liberation Funds

Provincial liberals, like Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney, disclose the genuine hardline attitude of the party. At the same time, President Biden continues to depict Democrats’ struggle over abortion as simply a campaign to codify Roe and Casey. 

This is made clear by a lawsuit filed by Philadelphians against their city’s donation of $500,000 in taxpayer money to the Abortion Liberation Foundation to pay for abortions. 

Funding Abortions

Philadelphians Charles Kuhar Sr. and Theresa Kuhar sued the city after Mayor Kenney announced a $500,000 donation to the Abortion Liberation Fund, a group whose sole mission is to help poor women afford abortions.

The Kuhars submitted a revised complaint after learning that Kenney’s administration already moved the funding to the Abortion Liberation Fund.

They asked the funds be given back to the city and a ruling be issued that the fund transfer infringes on the federal Hyde Amendment, Pennsylvania law, and two Pennsylvania statutes. 

Under the Hyde Amendment, federal monies cannot be used to cover the cost of abortion.

On the contrary, the use of commonwealth appropriations for religious, educational, or beneficent objectives is explicitly forbidden under the law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Additionally, two Pennsylvania statutes prohibit the use of state or local government financing for the performance of abortion services. These statutes govern the use of both commonwealth and federal money. 

Despite bans on using federal and commonwealth cash, in July 2022, Philadelphia donated $500,000 from its general budget to the Abortion Liberation Fund.

In answer to the Kuhars’ suit, the city and the Abortion Liberation Fund maintained the funds in question did not violate the Hyde Amendment or federal statutes because they came from city surpluses, rather than the federal or commonwealth governments.

The defendants also maintain the city has the right to spend taxpayer money on whatever it deems to be in the public interest, including abortion. 

The Kuhars rebut by saying the city’s receipt of over $500,000 in local tax funds is moot since the funds were intermingled in the general fund and because money is fungible. They insist the infraction is manifest. 

Additional Plaintiffs 

The Kuhars’ attorney in Pennsylvania, Tom King, said he agrees the couple has a strong case on their hands.

The Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania will shortly be joining the case as a plaintiff to counter any argument the mayor and his team might make that they don’t have legal standing to sue because they are just ordinary taxpayers. 

King said it is outrageous Philadelphia is trying to undermine local, state, and federal regulations. He went on to say the Department of Justice, Pennsylvania’s attorney general, and the local district attorney should intervene but they are, as always, silent. 

It remains to be seen if the court will side with King’s clients. This case is a wonderful example of where liberals want to take us in the post-Roe/Casey era: while in power, Democrats will utilize taxpayer monies to pay for abortions, regardless of citizen concerns.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.