Plan to Demolish Robb Elementary Has Biden’s Support

While touring Uvalde on Sunday, President Biden told a local congressman that the national government may offer funding to demolish Robb Elementary School.

Here, 19 students and two instructors were shot and murdered earlier in the week.

They Want to Rebuild from the Ground Up

“‘I’m not leaving,’ he declared.”

“I’ll provide you with some materials. We’re going to try to demolish that school and replace it with a new one,’ “Roland Gutierrez, a state senator from Uvalde, said to KSAT.

“I can’t really tell you how many small children I’ve spoken to who refuse to enter that facility. They’ve simply been traumatized. They’ve all been obliterated.”

In recent times, other major shooting locations have been destroyed.

In Newtown, Connecticut, the Sandy Hook Primary School, where a shooter fatally shot 26 people in 2012, was demolished and rebuilt with a modern $50 million school on the same land.

Columbine High School in Colorado was on the verge of being demolished in 2019. owing to a “morbid obsession” with the school where 13 people were murdered in 1999, but officials finally decided against it.

According to KENS, the membership of the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, roughly 110 miles east of Uvalde, was elected last year to deconstruct the historic church where a shooter opened fire in 2017, murdering 26 people.

In the aftermath of this week’s incident, Biden assured Gutierrez he is dedicated to offering mental health assistance to the neighborhood.

“This is a society that will require counseling. In Uvalde, there is just one psychiatrist and a small number of mental health counselors. That’s going to change. It’s a must-have,” according to Gutierrez, who spoke to KSAT.

On Sunday, POTUS paid a visit to a monument from outside Robb Elementary School, while attending services at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and visiting with families of the victims and first rescuers.

The Maker of Caskets

In the wake of Tuesday’s horrific massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, a bespoke coffin builder in Texas is assisting the victims and survivors.

According to Fox 26 of Houston, Trey Ganem, 50, of SoulShine Manufacturing in Edna, has called out to and spoken with several of the deceased’s relatives and promised to build unique caskets for each.

According to the story, Ganem told the publication, “This coffin would be for an adult, for a really lovely person who attempted to protect children.”

“I took a seat next to the family. This coffin drew me in, particularly after hearing stories.”

“It helps me include the concept for these caskets by listening to them speak about their loved ones. When individuals talk about their favorite things, they begin to smile.”

“Despite the tragedy, people are recalling the pleasure and adoration that their loved ones had.”