Police Discover Illegal Weed Stores in New York City

New York law enforcement hasn’t had the easiest time as of late. Within the past few years, the ranks of police have dwindled.

Many are retiring due to the rise of anti-law enforcement sentiment. Others were fired for not taking COVID vaccines, despite the fact that these vaccines can’t prevent their recipients from symptoms, the virus itself, or spreading the virus.

As law enforcement declines in New York City, crime is on the rise. This is a major problem that is showing no signs of slowing down. This means law enforcement members currently on the job in the Empire State have their hands full.

One of the latest issues they’re now facing is the presence of over 1,300 unlawful shops selling marijuana, according to Fox 5 New York.

What’s Going on in New York City?

In this particular community, reports allege that weed shops can be found on virtually every single block.

According to the New York police, these shops selling marijuana do not have the licenses to do so. There’s also no indication that they have any plans to get the necessary paperwork to sell legally.

Democratic lawmakers in New York admit they knew an “illegal market” of marijuana would exist, despite their work to legalize the substance. Nevertheless, what’s currently happening in the city seems more “organized” and different from other states that have decriminalized weed.

Police in New York City claim their hands are somewhat tied when it comes to interfering with the illegal sale of weed in the community.

Certain Democratic lawmakers argue otherwise; though they also confirm there’s work being done at the legislative level to make it easier for law enforcement to crack down on the unlawful distribution of marijuana.

Bigger Fish to Fry

Despite the existence of illegal weed shops in New York, the city has much bigger problems to worry about.

Not too long ago, Mayor Eric Adams alleged that crime in the community was declining. However, the data shows that New York City kicked off 2023 with a nearly 20% rise in assaults against individuals.

This is scary and because law enforcement’s presence in New York City has been reduced from where it once stood, crime could increase even further.

When Adams campaigned for the position of New York City mayor, he vowed to bring down crime. Yet, more than one year later, he has not lived up to this commitment. Ultimately, the folks in his community are the ones paying the (sometimes ultimate) price.

Are your shocked to learn the illegal sale of marijuana is common in New York City? Do you believe this problem will ever be fixed? You can share your projections about this situation and what lies ahead in the comments area below.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.