Portland Primary School Enforces Trans Agenda in Its Classrooms

School girl at Pride parade holding a sign with message "Kiss whoever the f*ck you want" by Ivan Radic

A kindergartener’s study plan has evolved quite a bit in the past decade.

Albeit anyone with a semblance of reason may argue we’ve gone off the deep end with the latest introductions to a school’s curriculum. One school in Northern Oregon is pushing the limits.

Namely, an investigator from City Journal uncovered some lesson plans from Portland’s public schools. The curriculum features educating kindergarteners on detailed information regarding one’s sexuality, gender, and body.

“The call for safe schools” by Bev Sykes

Groomer community does it again

One of the slide shows in question gets right to the point.

It has a detailed depiction of male genitalia, followed up by the wild claim that while it’s mainly boys who have this type of genitalia, any gender can be associated with any body type.

Naturally, the lesson plan follows the same pattern for female genitalia, with a similar explanation right after it as well.

This immediately followed up with some guidelines on gender-inclusive terms, such as “person with a penis” and “person with a vulva.”

According to the trans people who wrote the guide, the lesson plan was designed for children as young as kindergarten age.

It is scientifically proven to be developmentally appropriate; in typical trans-agenda fashion, though, the referenced scientific research is nowhere to be seen.

Right after explaining in a disturbing amount of detail the body parts these kindergarteners won’t be getting familiar with for another decade, the guide then shows a blanket introduction for those who wish to use non-standardized pronouns.

Teaching made-up concepts to grow children

If the English language itself wasn’t hard enough for your toddler, how about teaching them that using a plural for one person is the new norm?

This is yet another thing the trans community is adamant about shoving into the standard curriculum.

What’s more, the guide encourages children to disobey their parents, stating only they can know their gender and they’re the only person who knows what’s best for them.

This is sure to create some needlessly rebellious, confused teens down the line.

Despite all the pushback from parents in hundreds of communities, the left is willing to die on this hill. Given the number of classrooms currently teaching these concepts, it’s clear they’re winning.

Finally, the guide manages to segue into the topic of white colonizers and racism, the two terms slapped onto anything and everything by the liberal crowd, this time with a focus on the “queer” communities “erased” by the white settlers.

Naturally, this questionable lesson plan created a bunch of controversies online, with many questioning why something the left claims is a social construct is being taught in Portland’s public schools.

Regardless of whether your child is still struggling with their ABCs or not, the trans community will make sure they’ve memorized the ever-growing acronym of LGBTQIA2S+.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.