Preparations Finalized for Biden Inauguration

"Burned american flag left in the dirt af" (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

In light of the descent upon the U.S. Capitol this month, unique precautions are happening to ensure the safety of Joe Biden’s swearing-in to the presidency. The inauguration will take place at 12:00 PM tomorrow afternoon and preparations for the events are being finalized.

As of today, Americans learned that President Trump will be on his way to Florida by 8 AM on Wednesday morning. Before the 45th president arrives in the Sunshine State, though, he’s going to speak to the nation one more time from Joint Base Andrews.

“The Hon. Barack H. Obama” (Public Domain) by Charles McCain

Due to the insurrection that shook up Washington D.C. 13 days ago, most Americans know that law enforcement is on very high alert. With that being said, Breitbart News has confirmed that preparations are all but settled for Biden’s inauguration tomorrow afternoon.

What to Expect During Joe Biden’s Inauguration

During previous presidential inaugurations, hoards of onlookers packed Washington D.C. This will not be taking place tomorrow, though; COVID-19 is one reason, as are the events that happened at Capitol Hill on the 6th of January.

Instead of a packed crowd of people, 191,500 American flags will cover the National Mall. Likewise, Biden’s inaugural committee has confirmed that armed security and physical barriers will stand as shields to protect the area where the 46th president is inaugurated.

Biden’s inauguration will impact additional parts of Washington D.C. as well. Several sections of the community are marked as “out of bounds.” Meanwhile, multiple streets and bridges are closed with restrictions set on any physical demonstrations in Washington D.C.

An Untraditional Presidential Inauguration

There are several untraditional elements surrounding tomorrow’s Biden inauguration. Aside from U.S. flags replacing what is normally crowds of individuals, the 45th president will not attend tomorrow’s inauguration.

News that Trump wouldn’t see Biden being sworn into office arrived from the president himself via Twitter. While Trump won’t be in D.C. tomorrow for Biden’s inauguration, Mike Pence sure will.

The incoming president has shown no disappointment that Trump won’t be attending his inauguration. As a matter of fact, Biden stated that Trump’s absence tomorrow is one thing that he and the 45th president can agree upon.

What do you think about the preparations for Joe Biden’s inauguration? Do you believe that tomorrow’s swearing-in ceremony will take place without any problems? Let us know your predictions regarding the inauguration of Biden in the comments section down below.