Prior to Biden’s Visit, El Paso’s Illegal Immigrant Camps Covered Up

In the week preceding President Biden’s first visit to the border during his administration, unauthorized immigrants in El Paso, Texas have been detained. Their camps have been dismantled and some have been deported back to Mexico.

In mid-December, El Paso, the core of the immigration crisis, witnessed up to 2,500 undocumented immigrants cross the border daily. NBC said videos show officials patrolling and detaining illegal immigrants camping on city streets near a bus terminal and a church shelter.

Hiding The Truth

Maria Rodriguez, a Venezuelan who slept under trash for three days, stated to the New York Post that many claim if you are on the street, Border Patrol will deport you since the president is visiting El Paso.

They don’t want to show him the truth of the situation. She stated she hoped they would receive refuge because it took them some guts to leave the dumpster after three days. They do not wish to continue moving. They are just requesting one opportunity.

According to a Border Patrol agent who spoke with The Post, 200 illegal aliens were returned to Mexico on Saturday.

President Biden was slated to visit El Paso on Sunday afternoon, much to the chagrin of several Border Patrol personnel who believe that his visit is too little, too late.

Brandon Judd, head of the National Border Patrol Council, stated in a recent interview with Fox News Digital that officers are beyond furious Biden allowed this situation to deteriorate to its current state and will not visit the border voluntarily.

He would have accomplished this long, long ago.

The National Immigration Law Center’s VP of law and policy, Lisa Graybill, told NBC News that moving undocumented immigrants outside a church shelter breaches Homeland Security protocol.

According to the publication, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas issued a directive in October 2021, indicating that illegal immigrants should not be apprehended in shelters like institutions of worship and courts.

Unhappy Officials

Friday, the Border Patrol Union tweeted its position on the president’s trip:

Biden said in April 2021 that his government “gained control” of the border crisis. Then, in September 2021, he stated he would “at some moment” visit the southern border. Now, almost 15 months later, the president is slated to travel.

Biden announced the pause while introducing border policies, noting migration significantly strains the border and its communities.

Biden stated on Thursday that the initiatives they were taking would improve the situation, but would not totally resolve the border issue. There is more work to be done.

A Customs and Border Protection official in El Paso stated to NBC that the CBP, responsible for protecting the U.S. border between ports of entry, has a tiered strategy that includes patrolling the border itself, neighboring towns and communities, and checkpoints.

As a result of migrants eluding capture in the El Paso region, the United States Border Monitor has expanded the number of personnel that patrol the area.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.