Pro-Life Activist Enraged Seeing Herself in Dems’ Abortion Ad

Anti-abortion activist Macy Petty was outraged after discovering Hillary Clinton and Democratic governor of California Gavin Newsom used her face in pro-choice ads.

Although Petty was celebrating the abortion ban outside the Supreme Court at the time of the Roe vs. Wade verdict, Democrats used her video clip in their ad, claiming that people are sad about the abortion ban.

Dems Used Pro-Life Activist for Anti-Abortion Campaign

Petty posted an open letter on her Twitter account in which she lashed out at Clinton, Newsom, and other Democratic strategists who used her face to promote abortion.

Hillary Clinton posted the campaign ad on her Twitter account, in which Petty was seen collapsing to the ground after hearing the Roe vs Wade verdict of the Supreme Court.

While Petty had tears of happiness after listening to the Supreme Court verdict, the Democratic campaign ad mentioned that people are “sad” while showing her video clip.

Petty replied to Clinton’s tweet, telling the former secretary of state she is the girl crying in this clip, adding she had tears because she was happy after seeing the miracle.

Furthermore, Petty noted Democrats are using her pro-life emotions for an evil cause just because of their political gains.

Similarly, Petty continued in the letter she was emotional as she was lucky enough to see the Supreme Court verdict against abortion, which opened her eyes. She also asked Democratic officials to issue an apology for using her face for such an activity.

Dems Removed Petty Faced From Their Latest Ad

Talking to The Christian Post, Petty established her previous generations were also pro-life activists. Petty further claimed her mother worked in a pregnancy center, while her grandmother started a pregnancy center herself.

So, Petty continued, she inherited pro-life activism and she was happy to see the Supreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade verdict.

According to Petty, she had tears of happiness because her previous generations struggled for an abortion ban, but did not live long enough to see the results of their struggle.

In addition to that, Petty told the Christian Post she is frustrated with Democrats’ attempt to use her face in a pro-abortion ad.

However, Petty argued, Democrats probably received her backlash as they removed her face from the latest version of their ad. Yet, her face still remains in the version of the ad clip, which is posed by Clinton and Newsom.

Democrats’ ad was asking voters to vote in favor of Proposition 1, which is supposed to include pro-abortion measures in the California Constitution. So, even if Republicans manage to win California, they will not be able to ban abortion in the state, due to constitutional roadblocks.

The polls conducted by the UC Berkeley Institute in August suggested 71% of California voters support Proposition 1, which means the ballot proposition is likely to pass on November 8.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.