Pro-Trans Rioters Attack Kentucky Capitol Over Minor ‘Transition’ Law

Transgender “stormtroopers” invaded the State Capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky to use brute force to compel a repeal of a law banning sickening “medical procedures” for the “gender transitioning” of minors.

Triggered by New Law

Transgender activists have been particularly agitating as more and more Republican-led states are taking measures to crack down on the abominations that are “gender transitions” of underage children – which include the administering of surgeries, puberty blockers, and hormones.

A case in hand was last week’s riot in Kentucky’s capital Frankfort where a cohort of transgender activists invaded the State Capitol after the legislature’s Republican majorities outlawed the gender “transitioning” of minors.

The lawmakers did so by overriding a veto that Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Andy Beshear imposed on a law prohibiting transgender procedures for children.

The pro-trans protest against the survival of the legislation – Senate Bill 150 – led to the arrests of 19 activists, as the Kentucky State Police spokesman, Captain Paul Blanton, announced in a statement to Fox News.

Restoring Order in House Gallery

Blanton said the state police’s help was requested by the Sergeant of Arms of the Kentucky Capitol for the purpose of “restoring order” in the House gallery chambers.

He added the police officers gave the transgender protesters the option to vacate the premises or get arrested. As their vile actions persisted, “KSP arrested 19 individuals” over 3rd-degree trespassing.

The riot by the far-left radicals in Frankfort, Kentucky occurred after the GOP-led state legislature of Kentucky first passed an anti-transgender law and then overrode the Democratic governor’s attempt to veto it.

Besides prohibiting the “gender transitions” of children, the law also bans the teaching of gender identity and sexual orientation in K12 schools, restricts restrooms in accordance to biological sex, and guarantees a teacher’s right to refuse to use “preferred pronouns.”

According to reports, it took Kentucky State Police and Capitol security half an hour to remove all transgender protesters from the House gallery.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.