Progressives’ Push for Legalizing Suicide Have Extreme Consequences

Progressives are campaigning to promote euthanasia, which can have dangerous consequences for any society. Euthanasia is a procedure of assisted suicide in which a medical practitioner kills a person who wants to die without any pain.

Progressives Want to Legalize Assisted Suicide

In a famous TV show, Dateline, a man murdered the husband of his lover at her request.

Just some months later, the same man murdered his own wife to finally live with his lover. When the detectives arrested that man, they claimed they tried to arrest the murderer as soon as possible.

This is since a person who once committed a murder gains a habit of murdering others. One-time murderers think it is easy to kill people, rather than solve problems by any alternate means, the detectives added.

Twisted Logic

This logic of the detectives is true to a disturbing extent. A famous Canadian Paralympian, Christine Gauthier, who was also a military veteran of the country, went through the same misery.

When she asked for a chair lift in her house due to her disability, Canadian authorities offered to kill her. This shocking behavior comes in a country where social services and medical care are readily available. 

According to Gauthier, she received a letter from Veteran Affairs that if she was so desperate, she could be offered assisted death.

Far-Left Radicals Can Also Push to Legalize Euthanasia in America

Canada’s euthanasia laws are paving the way for individuals to get an assisted death by submitting written consent to the government.

Reportedly, now Canada is about to legalize euthanasia for mentally ill individuals who cannot make rational decisions most of the time.

The supporters of Canada’s euthanasia law suggested it is the easiest way to end the suffering of patients who have no hope left.

However, critics believe these types of laws allow the government to embrace suicide as a policy, which has far-reaching consequences on the healthcare system of any country.

For example, it discourages the government from investing in the healthcare infrastructure of any country, since assisted suicide is always a legal option.

Likewise, these laws may eliminate the motivation to live among many individuals. They could always find legal loopholes to get assisted suicide, which is the easiest way for them to stop living.

Euthanasia is supported by many progressives and far-left radicals, who want doctors to play God. 

While euthanasia remains illegal in a majority of the United States, it is still practiced in some jurisdictions of the country, including Washington state, Washington D.C, New Jersey, Vermont, California, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, and Maine.

The procedure is mostly used on sick individuals and animals.

Although assisted death is voluntary in some cases in America, a nonvoluntary person can also be put to death if their guardian allows it. By supporting euthanasia, progressives want a single guardian to decide whether someone should be allowed to live or not.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.