Proposed Maryland Law Would Drop Felony Charges On Some Murders

Blue cities like Baltimore have out-of-control crime rates and the Democrats leading them have some very strange solutions.

In other leftist-run places like California, we see crackdowns on gun owners and a lifting of penalties on inner-city armed criminals.

In Maryland, a proposed new bill from Democrat Charlotte Crutchfield would let young people get a slap on the wrist for murder. Yes, seriously.

Dropping Felony Charges

House Bill 1180 from Crutchfield has an Orwellian name: the Youth Accountability and Safety Act.

What it proposes is fairly simple: anyone under the age of 25 gets felony murder charges dropped when they kill someone in the process of committing or fleeing a crime.

For example, when a theft is taking place and somebody is killed in the process, this is felony murder. It carries even more gravity than a standard murder charge.

This makes sense, since a murder that’s also combined with a second crime cannot be considered just second-degree, third-degree, or manslaughter. It didn’t happen by mistake or randomly: it happened while committing a crime.

Though if Crutchfield and Maryland Democrats have their way, anybody under 25 will have the felony part of their charges dropped when they kill someone in the process of breaking the law.

What’s the Justification?

Many inner-city youths in places like Baltimore have been getting long jail sentences for felony murder.

Crutchfield wants to change that by dropping the felony part on anyone under 25. The supposed justification is the brain isn’t fully formed by age 25; thus, it isn’t fair to charge a 25-year-old with felony murder.

To cut it down to the simplest summary, this bill is saying it’s not fully your fault if you do crime and kill people if you’re a young adult, since you’re stupid and reckless.

What in the world kind of insanity is this? Blue states and cities are losing their minds and giving criminals endless excuses and fake science justifications.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore recently put someone in charge of Maryland’s juvenile crime division who says people under 21 shouldn’t be put in jail or brought into the criminal system since their brains are still growing.

Welcome to Democratic logic: young kids can change their gender, but 25-year-olds can’t be held fully responsible for mowing people down while committing crimes.

The Obvious Outcome

The obvious outcome of this kind of bill is gangs and criminals will use younger members as muscle and enforcers. Since they would face smaller sentences, they could be on the frontlines with a basic license to kill.

Rather than giving younger folks a second chance, this bill is just a racist excuse to keep giving criminals more and more power and take away protections from victims, including the rule of law.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.