Psaki Isn’t a Very Good Press Secretary

The White House and Biden administration should consider hiring a new press secretary. Jen Paski has no idea how to do her job.

On Friday, Biden administration press secretary Jen Psaki backed President Biden’s assertion (during a CNN town hall on Thursday evening) that he toured the southern border already.

It doesn’t really count that Biden drove past the border in 2008

“Well, Peter, as you’ve seen, there’s been reporting that he did go past the border when he was on the presidential campaign in 2008,” Psaki responded when Fox News’ Peter Doocy questioned why Biden indicated he had been to the border.

“He is clearly aware of the fact — and it has stayed with him — that the border runs right through the heart of El Paso,” Psaki added. “Yet, the most essential thing for everyone to recognize and respect is the president has spent his whole career working on these problems.”

“He is well-versed in each and every part of our immigration process, such as the border.” This applies to his time as vice president as well. Biden traveled to Mexico and Central America ten times to discuss border disputes and what could be done to limit the number of immigrants crossing the border.”

Psaki then claimed that the past administration was to blame for Biden’s border situation, calling it a “mess.”

We Have Seen This All Before

Psaki’s attempts to justify President Biden’s decision not to travel to the US-Mexico border are similar to Vice President Harris’ previous attempts to downplay worries the government had not witnessed the border problem firsthand.

Biden told CNN on Thursday he must visit the US-Mexico border, but he doesn’t have time. This comes despite the fact he’s visited his Rehoboth Beach home multiple times as president.

As per the Daily Wire, Biden stated, “I’ve been before, and I haven’t — I mean, I know it well. I suppose I should go.”

“The whole idea of it is that I have not had a huge amount of time to get sad. I’ve been flying across the country and looking at the $900 billion in damages caused by hurricanes, floods, and other weather-related disasters.”

“However, I intend to. My wife, Jill, has indeed been down.” Biden said, “she’s been to both sides of the border. She’s been there and seen the situation. Jill investigated those areas. You notice there aren’t many photographs of kids lying on top of one another, you know, with what looks like tarps on top of them.”

During the media briefing on Friday, Psaki added that Biden “doesn’t even need a visit to the border to see what a mess the prior administration created.”

That is the president’s point of view, according to Psaki.