Public Scandal Erupts as Chicago’s New Mayor Favors Illegal Migrants

The once-grand American city of Chicago cannot catch a break.

Mayor Brandon Johnson sparked a public scandal by defying the city’s residents and dumping hundreds of illegal immigrants on a local college campus for accommodation.

From Bad to Worse

While Chicago’s former woke Mayor Lori Lightfoot seemed bigoted, clueless, and pro-crime, she failed to make it to a second term.

Yet, her replacement – former teacher Brandon Johnson seems no less clueless and welcoming to crime. He showed himself as such even before getting sworn in and he refused to condemn recent downtown riots by youth vandals.

Lightfoot was all talk about welcoming illegal immigrants, but decried it when Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott transported some to her city. Johnson, on the other hand, might actually be fond of border jumpers to the detriment of his own constituents.

He just sparked public outrage with one of his first acts in office – the housing of over 300 illegal aliens at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago’s Northwest Side – despite the vocal and adamant opposition of local residents.

Johnson floated the idea of using Wilbur Wright as a migrant hotel several weeks ago and it immediately faced opposition.

As per his plan, he intended to accommodate illegal immigrants on the college campus later this month, but only after consultations with local residents, Breitbart News reports.

Chicago’s Residents Furious

A town hall meeting held over a week ago revealed the community was fiercely opposed to the new mayor’s illegal immigration plan for Wilbur Wright College.

Regardless of that, however, Johnson has gone ahead and literally dumped the hundreds of illegal migrants on the local campus without even notifying residents first.

The new mayor’s actions absolutely infuriated the local community, with many locals telling news outlets they feared for personal safety, public safety, and the burden of housing and feeding the migrants, which will fall on their taxes.

Locals are suing the city to prevent turning a former school into a migrant venue.

In his inaugural address, Johnson exposed his vile stance in favor of illegal immigration as he suggested Chicago had plenty of room to house border jumpers.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.