Putin Official Dies Mysteriously, One Day After Dictator Ditched Him

Yet another high-profile individual has died under mysterious circumstances in Russia – Gen. Alexei Maslov, the head of a tank factory. He perished a day after Moscow’s bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin refused to meet with him.

Putin Abruptly Canceled Visit and Meeting with Him

A string of “mystery deaths,” an expression by now considered a euphemism for assassinations carried out by the regime, have occurred in Putin’s Russia since the Moscow tyrant invaded Ukraine ten months ago.

69-year-old General Alexei Maslov may have become the latest high-profile victim in his crackdown after suddenly falling ill and passing away, The US Sun reported.

The mystery death occurred on December 25, Christmas Day in the West – in Russia, Christmas is marked on January 7.

Maslov, a well-known tank boss in the Uralvagonzavod tank-making factory, perished only a day after Putin himself canceled a trip to the facility in the Urals Mountains, on the boundary between the European and Asiatic parts of Russia.

Interestingly enough, the Moscow mass murderer called off his visit to the tank plant after his convoy had already been set up. He also called it off even after the snow had been cleared off the roads he was supposed to take.

Second High-Profile Military-Industrial Death in Days

Gen. Maslov was the former top commander of Russia’s ground forces from 2004-2008 and then served as Moscow’s former ambassador to the US-led NATO alliance.

Not unlike many of the other high-profile figures who have died in Russia since Putin invaded Ukraine ten months ago, Maslov did not have any significant health problems before his sudden perishing.

A day earlier, Putin’s abrupt cancelation of his plans to visit the tank factor about 1,000 miles east of Moscow was seen by independent observers as a way to evade questions over Russia’s failing effort to subjugate Ukraine – or as a testimony of Putin’s own ill health.

Gen. Maslov’s death came just days after another “sudden death” – that of 65-year-old Alexander Buzakov. He was the chief of Admiralty Shipyards in Russia’s second-largest city, St. Petersburg, a firm that builds submarines for the Russian Navy.

According to “Redacted No. 6,” a Russian Telegram channel, the county’s security service FSB, a successor to the KGB, launched an “investigative group” to find the causes of the two high-profile, military-related deaths.

Similarly to Maslov, Buzakov was perfectly healthy the day before his passing, the channel informed. At least ten high-profile Russians have died under mysterious circumstances since Putin attacked Ukraine; though the actual list could actually be longer.

Another recent inexplicable death was that of 65-year-old Pavel Antov, a sausage tycoon and a regional politician known as the highest-earning elected representative in Russia.

Antov died by falling out of a luxury hotel window in India.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.