Putin Resorts to Elderly Soldiers For Ukraine War Amid Harrowing Troop Losses

(TV report snapshot)

Elderly Russian men are now volunteering to fight as soldiers. They are being welcomed and readily trained by the command, a TV report shows.

Slaughterhouse for Russian Forces

In spite of its harrowing losses in manpower terms, the Putin regime has been unwilling to declare full mobilization in all or parts of Russia.

Thus, the bloodthirsty Moscow dictator and his stooges have been seeking various ways to replenish the invasion troops, including by recruiting Russian prisoners and trying to recruit Syrian Arabs.

The former effort appears to have had far more success than the latter.

Besides killing between 40,000 and 80,000 Russian invaders, Ukrainian defenders have also destroyed stupefying amounts of Russian military equipment, with more than 11,000 pieces destroyed.

(TV report snapshot)

‘Tiger Battalion’ of Granddads

A report by a local TV channel in the Russian Far East has shown a number of men who appear to be elderly have volunteered to be soldiers and are undergoing training to go fight in Ukraine.

The men are seen training with AK-47s at a military training site, some 5,000 miles from Ukraine, which borders the European part of Russia.

The men in question signed military contracts with Russia’s volunteer corps and are going to fight in Ukraine as part of the 155th Separate Marine Guard Brigade of Putin’s military.

According to the TV presenter, “all these people” are motivated by a desire “to protect” their “families and homeland.”

The presented adds that the Russian grandpa soldiers are now called the “Tiger Battalion.” One of them points out they were “brought up in the Soviet Union,” so they have a different upbringing.

Another, who also seems to be overweight, besides being middle-aged, says that his son is presently serving in Ukraine as a platoon commander. Therefore, the father now hopes to be “side by side” with him on the battlefield.

The report shows how Putin’s grandpa soldiers are visited by the local governor who also participates in the training, except he certainly isn’t headed to fight on the front lines in Ukraine.

A younger man in uniform, who seems to be one of the commanders training the granddads, says that going to fight in Ukraine is a “civic duty” for the Russians.

He parrots some of the dumbest propaganda lies and clichés of the Putin regime, namely, that the war in Ukraine is about “cleansing from fascism.”

Both Moscow and Putin personally have declared the Ukrainians to be nothing but “Nazis.” Never mind that Ukraine has a Jewish president, a Jewish Minister of Defense, and other Jewish officials.

He then adds that their grandfathers didn’t finish the job, a reference to the World War II fight against Nazi Germany, so now “we have to finish it.”

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.